Wolfgang Van Halen Says He’s The Next Victim Of David Lee Roth, Because Dad Isn’t Here

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The gloves are off in the Van Halen camp. During a revealing interview on “The Morning X With Barnes & Leslie,” Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his strained relationship with bandmate David Lee Roth and the frontman’s repeated public insults.

When asked about Roth’s harsh online jabs, Wolfgang struck a surprisingly calm note:

“Apparently, I’m worthy of his attention, which is an odd kind of honor. But you can’t take everything he says seriously – this is the guy who claims he wrote ‘Eruption’ and designed Eddie’s Frankenstein guitar. He insists he created all my dad’s iconic solos.”

Wolfgang isn’t surprised to find himself the focus of Roth’s ire:

“The Van Halen drama predates me. Now that Dad’s not around, it seems the target’s just shifted to the next generation.”

How the Feud Began

The public rift began when Wolfgang claimed that “A Different Kind Of Truth,” his only album with Van Halen, was pulled from major streaming platforms at Roth’s behest. Roth responded with a scathing video titled “This Crazy Kid…” where he accused Wolfgang of throwing out his personal guests at a New York show and not sharing the spotlight during their tour. A later video including an apology turned out to be insincere.

The Silence is Broken

Wolfgang, usually quick to defend himself on social media, initially ignored Roth’s attacks – a surprising move, especially since Roth dragged Wolfgang’s uncle Alex Van Halen into the spat as well. This silence fueled speculation about the growing tensions within the band.

Wolfgang’s Subtle Retorts

While avoiding direct confrontation, Wolfgang has subtly addressed the situation. During an interview with 94.3 The Shark Radio, he discussed how ongoing drama has impacted the band’s dynamic. Later, while discussing his song “I’m Alright,” he gave a knowing smile and nod when the host linked the song’s defiant lyrics to social media naysayers. This gesture, coupled with his recent, pointed interview responses, marks a clear end to Wolfgang’s initial restraint.


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