Ace Frehley Calls Jimmy Page ‘A Sloppy Guitarist’

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In a recent conversation with Jeremy White, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley shared his thoughts on losing a significant amount of money following Tommy Thayer’s takeover. Frehley expressed how this setback motivated him to create a better band and music. He also mentioned his perplexity over the band not releasing new music for two decades.

During the discussion, Frehley reflected on his guitar skills compared to Tommy Thayer’s, acknowledging his own imperfections and labeling himself as a “sloppy” guitarist. Interestingly, he also mentioned Jimmy Page as another guitarist who shares this “sloppy” style, implying a sense of uniqueness in their playing methods.

Frehley, who left Kiss in 2002 and was succeeded by Thayer, has always believed in his irreplaceable talent and distinct playing style. Despite Thayer’s lengthy tenure with Kiss, which concluded with the band’s farewell shows in late 2023, Frehley maintains that his guitar technique is something Thayer could never mimic. He proudly stated that he was born with a special skill that sets him apart, a skill that he feels Thayer lacks.

Despite what might seem like a critical viewpoint, Frehley insists that he bears no ill will towards Thayer or his former bandmates, Stanley and Simmons, despite their well-documented disagreements.

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