Ace Frehley: ‘Paul Stanley Is Jealous Of Me’

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Ace Frehley, in an interview with Mark Strigl on SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard, expressed his belief that Paul Stanley is envious of his musical achievements. Discussing the upcoming KISS final concert at Madison Square Garden, Frehley clarified he and Peter Criss weren’t officially invited, contrary to the band’s claims, which he suggests were aimed at boosting ticket sales.

Responding to Stanley’s remarks about him and Criss possibly ruining KISS’ farewell, Frehley felt insulted, emphasizing the negative tone of Stanley’s comments.

Frehley also shared his thoughts on his solo career success and anticipated reactions from Gene Simmons and Stanley to his new album ‘10,000 Volts.’ He expects Simmons to praise it publicly, but is uncertain of Stanley’s response, citing underlying jealousy.

Despite recent tensions, Frehley holds no grudges against KISS, expressing well-wishes for their ‘End Of The Road’ tour. He acknowledges that misunderstandings and memory lapses occur, emphasizing his enduring affection for his former bandmates.

Gene Simmons, in a separate conversation with 519 Magazine, acknowledged past difficulties with Frehley and Criss but noted the door was always open for them to join the final KISS tour. Simmons highlighted the complexity of real-life dynamics like egos and addictions but maintained that the invitation to Frehley and Criss was genuine, intended for both fans and the band’s unity. However, Frehley’s comments did not confirm Simmons’ claim about the invitation to the farewell shows.

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