Ace Frehley Says ‘I Wasn’t Having Fun Anymore’ On KISS Departure

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In a revealing interview with Mike Brunn, Ace Frehley delved into the intricacies of his departure from KISS, highlighting a shift in the band’s dynamics and his journey. Ace pinpointed the lack of enjoyment as the primary reason for his exit, emphasizing the importance of fun in his musical career. He candidly expressed his philosophy on making music and being part of a band, suggesting that the moment the fun ceases, he’s ready to explore new horizons or consider retirement.

Frehley elaborated on the changes within KISS that contributed to his decision to leave, particularly after Peter Criss’s departure. He described how the band’s democratic nature dwindled, leaving him feeling powerless against the duo of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, who preferred to steer the band’s direction without much input from others. This loss of balance and control was a significant factor for Ace, who values collaboration and shared decision-making.

Ace also critiqued some of the musical choices made by the band, specifically targeting the album “The Elder.” He argued that while the album itself wasn’t flawed, its timing and departure from KISS’s established sound were ill-advised. Frehley’s opposition to “The Elder” during its production was rooted in his intuitive understanding of the band’s fanbase and what they expected from KISS. Despite his warnings, the album failed to resonate with fans, a result Ace had anticipated based on his instincts and connection to the audience’s preferences.

Throughout the interview, Frehley’s insights shed light on the challenges of maintaining unity and creative satisfaction within a band, as well as the importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision and the expectations of fans. His reflections offer a glimpse into the complexities of band dynamics and the personal fulfillment that drives artists in their careers.

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