Adam Lambert: ‘Queen And I Are Not Done’

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Adam Lambert recently appeared on Kyle Meredith to talk about his future goals for his career, what lies ahead for him, and how he was still working with Queen.

Adam Lambert and Queen’s collaboration began in 2009 when Lambert was a contestant on “American Idol.” Following their joint performance in the show’s finale, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen and Lambert made the decision to go on tour. Lambert’s vocal range and stage presence won over both fans and critics, and the tour was a huge hit.

Meredith wanted to find out if there were any plans for a future reunion with Queen, but she had to admit that his solo projects were presently taking up most of his time. The vocalist kept talking about his solo career while firmly stating that he was far from finished working with the band. However, he took care not to give away too much about what Queen fans could expect. Lambert revealed that he planned to tour in support of his most recent album, “High Drama,” and that he had booked appearances on a number of international TV shows.

He explained his plans for the future and said.

“I mean, Queen and I are not done. So, watch this space. There’s more coming; I think… and then for ‘High Drama,’ I’m gonna be traveling around a bit for the next month or so, you know, appearances to support it [the tour].

I have some TV performances all around the world, and I’ll be in the U.K. and Europe, and Australia, and here back in the States. We have some shows scattered around that we’ll be announcing; we just announced one in Finland, which is exciting. I’m doing my thing.”

There is positive news for Queen fans who are pondering whether Lambert’s work with the band will continue. Adam is on a quest to uphold Mercury’s legacy and revive Queen’s legendary discography, so it appears that the pair have plans for the future.

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