Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Names His Favorite Drummers 

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The world of music felt melancholy when they find out about the tragic truth of the legendary drummer, Tayor Hawkins leaving the world on March 25.

He was one of the best-known drummers in the music industry. He had various roles in the Foo Fighters to make them big shots in the world of music. He helped the band and gave them a hand to reach the top.

He was a talented individual. He had the best voice of his generation, but that was not only his talent that made the whole audience acknowledge him. It was his world-class drum skills.

His talents were the perfect things that Dave Grohl was looking after, and the combo was just spectacular to witness. Everyone has someone that inspires them to take part in their goals, so who was behind Hawkins? Let’s take a look at some of his favorite drummers.

Taylor Hawkins mentions his favorite drummers

Many guitarists have someone who influences them, and many drummers also have someone they look up to before playing the instrument for the first time. There are some five individuals that Hawkins has acknowledged their presence.

He praised the founder of The Police, Stewart Copeland, drummer for Rush, Neil Peart; the backbone of Queen, Roger Taylor. These were the names that were praised by Hawkins and in his other interviews, he even mentioned Phil Collins, the drummer from Genesis, and Steve Perkins.

These five individuals were some of the drummers that were acknowledged by Taylor Hawkins for their incredible work and skills. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about these drummers.

“He was probably my earliest, like, real drum influence,” Hawkins to Copeland. “He was my first drum hero and that had a lot to do with my brother, who’s five years older than me – I still have the Police Around the World, video which I remember him getting me as a kid when I was first learning to play.”

The first ever person to influence the career of Taylor Hawkins was Copeland. Copeland even gave his gratitude to Hawkins in an interview with FarOut. He tipped his hat to the legendary drummer.

The next drummer we have on our list is Roger Taylor. He adored the drummer and said that he had made a remarkable print in Hawkins’s life. Hawkins told that Taylor was an amazing drummer and the person that was behind Queen’s success.

“Roger gave Queen their heavy feel and big sound,” he added; “His playing was laid back, loose, and – I use this term loosely – punk rock because he did have that sort of rough edge to his drumming, too. And he always put on a real show – he was a very theatrical drummer.”

He continued, “[Roger Taylor] swings like no one else, and that’s impossible to emulate, You know it’s him when you hear the hi-hat open up every time he hits the snare. I can play every fill he’s ever done, but I could never get his feel. I’ve tried and it’s impossible!”.

Taylor was, sure enough, an inspirational drummer for Hawkins. Now let’s talk about some choices that the fans weren’t expecting from Hawkins, Neil Peart, and Phil Collins.

These two names looked very unlikely to the fans because the band has never tried to make their grasp on progressive rock. Let’s take a look at why Hawkins has these names on his favorite list.

“The chorus beat in [Foo Fighters’ 2001 song] ‘Rope’ is a paradiddle, directly lifted from Neil Peart,” Hawkins added more. “It’s ‘The Spirit of Radio’ all the way. When we were doing the demo for ‘Rope,’ everyone thought it was my idea. But I have to say to Neil Peart in Modern Drummer: I’m sorry I stole that from you, Neil, but it was Dave’s idea to do that, not mine”.

Hawkins also stated that Phil Collins is one of the greatest drummers of all time. “People seem to have forgotten that Phil [Collins] is one of the greatest rock drummers ever to have walked the planet,”.

He added more, “I’ve been lucky enough to have had drum lessons from people like Chad [Smith] and Dave in the past, but I’d love to get a lesson from him. So Phil, if you’re out there, please come and teach me how to play ‘properly.’”

Let’s take a look at another drummer who made a great impact on the career of Hawkins, Steve Parkins.

“A big influence on me was Steve Perkins,” Hawkins continued, “I remember watching him with Jane’s Addiction … his big Afro. He was like an animal behind the drums. Not as hard-hitting as I thought he was — he’s got a lighter touch than I do. He reminds me of Gene Krupa.”

Hawkins announced his favorite drummers with happiness because they were the ones that inspired him on his drumming path. He was even happier to announce how talented those drummers were.

The world will never forget such talents like Hawkins. His favorite drummers expressed their deepest sympathy on the day when we lost a true talent.

There was also a moment in an interview where Dave Grohl and Hawkins revealed their Favorite Drummers.

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters Laugh with Sammy Hagar | Rock & Roll Road Trip

In the future, there will be some artists that will name Taylor Hawkins as their inspiration just like the above drummers were his. Let’s keep on igniting this talent by listening to this artist!

Hawkins’ Favorite Drummers

Stuart Copeland

The founder of The Police was the first inspirational drummer that helped Hawkins on his path. He was the first drummer that inspired him with the instrument.

Neil Peart

Neil Peart was another influence on Taylor Hawkins that inspired him to make a track for the band. He was the one that gave Hawkins ideas on the chorus beat of ‘Rope’.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor became an inspirational model because he was the one that inspired Hawkins to become a musician after visiting Queen’s concert. He even told that Taylor was responsible for the heavy and big sound in Queen.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins was one of their favorite drummers of Hawkins, he even wanted to jam with him and wanted to learn a few lessons. “Phil, if you’re out there, please come and teach me how to play ‘properly,’”

Steve Perkins

Hawkins mentioned that Perkins was another big influence on the legendary drummer. He even mentioned that he was like a wild animal behind the instrument.

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