Alice Cooper Announces The One Condition He Would Retire

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In a recent dialogue on ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’, Cooper delved into his feelings about possibly hanging up his boots.

The conversation naturally veered towards how long he sees himself performing before calling it quits. Emphasizing that the end isn’t near, Cooper remarked:

“Your mindset dictates everything. And of course, being physically fit matters. I wouldn’t portray Alice Cooper if I couldn’t mirror Alice from the ’70s. I believe I still capture that essence.”

On what might push him towards retirement, the iconic rocker mentioned:

“If my voice didn’t reflect Alice, the passion faded, or the audience stopped coming. If you embark on a tour and ticket sales plummet, it’s a sign. Thankfully, we’ve seen quite the opposite; our audience has grown.”

Assuring fans of his current vigor, Cooper highlighted:

“Many attend an Alice Cooper show expecting a mere shadow of my former self, only to witness a performance brimming with energy. I’ve never felt more alive.”

The recurring theme in Cooper’s stance on retirement remains consistent. Even in a chat from the previous year, he maintained that diminishing audiences would be his cue to retire. Addressing other rock legends opting for retirement, he opined they might be “worn out”, a sentiment he doesn’t resonate with.

At 75, the question of retirement for Cooper has become almost ritualistic, yet he firmly asserts his intent to keep going. On another note, Cooper’s 29th studio album, ‘Road’, was released this past August. The album is available for streaming below.

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