Alice Cooper Explains The True Nature Of Johnny Depp

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Alice Cooper recently opened up about his bond with Hollywood Vampires co-member, Johnny Depp, during an interview on Studio 10. Discussing the attention Depp garners, Cooper observed that a majority of their fans’ eyes are fixated on Depp during their performances.

“Around 90% of the female fans are entranced by Johnny,” Cooper noted. “But beyond his appeal, Johnny is genuinely one of the kindest souls I know. He’s got a reputation for being incredibly warm and welcoming.”

Delving deeper into why people are drawn to Depp, Cooper said, “When you encounter him, it’s evident he’s incredibly grounded. He might just strike up a lengthy conversation with a stranger on a park bench. That’s just how he is.”

Cooper also addressed a recent rumor that gained traction after Depp faced a health scare. “Our public images are often exaggerated. After Johnny fell ill during our tour in Budapest, wild rumors began to spread online about him being dead. To poke fun at the situation, I introduced him on stage that night as ‘the death-defying Johnny Depp’.”

Previously, while commenting on Depp’s legal battle with Amber Heard, Cooper had described him as one of the gentlest people he knows. He also highlighted a lesser-known side of Depp, mentioning that he’s a devoted Christian.

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