‘All My Love’: Robert Plant’s tragic tribute to his son

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Emerging from the remnants of The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin swiftly ascended to the echelons of widespread acclaim, etching their place as an iconic classic rock band of their era. However, as the mid-1970s unfolded, visible disagreements among band members became more apparent, underscoring the inevitable clashes of opinion necessary for the group to maintain its dominance in the realm of rock.

These conflicts often led to meticulous consideration, especially for songs that required unanimous support from all members. One such track that became a focal point of contention was the heartfelt ‘All My Love,’ a piece that drew disapproval from both Jimmy Page and John Bonham. The reason behind their dissent lay in the fact that the song showcased a softer side of the outfit, a departure from the powerhouse style the renowned players were accustomed to presenting.

The genesis of ‘All My Love’ lay in a tragic episode experienced by Robert Plant and his wife in 1977. Two years after surviving a severe car accident, the couple faced another heart-wrenching blow as their son, Karac, succumbed to a stomach virus. The loss of their five-year-old left Plant devastated, a grief compounded by the fact that he was on tour with the band in North America when Karac passed away.

Following this profound tragedy, Led Zeppelin took a two-year hiatus, returning triumphantly with a monumental two-night performance at Knebworth. Coinciding with this comeback was the release of their ultimate album, ‘In Through The Out Door.’ The album carried poignant moments, with Plant’s tribute to his son, Karac, manifested in the emotionally charged ‘All My Love.’

This poignant song, laden with emotional weight, seemed a fitting tribute for Plant to honor his lost child. However, Page and Bonham dissented, finding the track too ‘soft’ for their liking. Page expressed his reservations, stating, “I was a little worried about the chorus… I thought, ‘That is not us. That is not us.’ In its place, it was fine, but I would not have wanted to pursue that direction in the future.”

Diverging from the band’s customary heavy style, ‘All My Love’ featured Plant singing heartfelt lines such as “he is the force that lies within/ Ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find/ He is a feather in the wind.” Despite concerns about its departure from Zeppelin’s usual musical antics, the song resonated with fans, particularly considering its tragic backstory.

Page and Bonham eventually relented, allowing the track to be included on ‘In Through The Out Door.’ However, they were thankful that this softer direction did not dictate the band’s future sound. As Page articulated, “In its place it was fine, but I would not have wanted to pursue that direction in the future.” This internal discord and subsequent compromise added a unique layer to the band’s narrative, reflecting the dynamic creative tensions that fueled their musical journey.

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