“An unmitigated disaster”: The album that flopped for Elton John

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As time passes, Elton John’s stature in popular music only grows more prominent. The release of his biographical film, “Rocketman,” and his farewell tour have allowed John to reflect deeply on his illustrious career. Yet, amidst these memories, he’s also critiqued some of his work quite candidly.

A Missed Note in His Career

In his 2019 autobiography “Me”, Elton John expressed disappointment over his 1986 album “Leather Jackets.” Despite being made during a commercially successful phase of his career, John described it as a significant misstep. He quipped, “The leading single was ‘Heartache All Over The World,’ a track so insubstantial you could lift it with a mere finger.”

The Role of Substance Abuse

John acknowledged that his cocaine use significantly marred the album’s quality. While he usually refrained from drugs in the studio, he let his guard down during this period. “The effects of cocaine on my artistic judgment were predictably detrimental,” he confessed.

A Song He Wished He Didn’t Write

John was particularly critical of “Don’t Trust That Woman,” a collaboration with Cher. Feeling so disconnected from the song, he used the pseudonym Lady Choc Ice instead of his own name. Reflecting on this decision, he remarked, “If you detest a song to the point of denying its authorship, it’s probably best left unrecorded and unreleased.”

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