Ann Wilson recalls what Chris Cornell was like

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Ann Wilson, the lead vocalist of Heart, spent her formative years in Seattle, Washington, alongside her sister Nancy. Despite achieving remarkable success with their band, the Wilson sisters maintained a deep connection to the city of their upbringing. Their commitment to supporting local music extended over the decades, often providing financial assistance to emerging bands. Notably, during the late 80s and early 90s, their generosity played a crucial role in sustaining Grunge groups.

In a poignant interview with KLOS, transcribed by Ultimate Guitar, Ann Wilson reminisced about her acquaintance with the late Chris Cornell, the iconic lead singer of Soundgarden. Describing Cornell as a multifaceted and exquisite individual, Wilson acknowledged his sensitivity, which, at times, seemed incompatible with the harsh realities of the world. She vividly recalled the varying dimensions of his persona – from moments of immense physical strength and power to instances when he appeared diminished by the weight of his emotions. Cornell’s intellect, marked by sharp wit, cynicism, and intelligence, left an enduring impression on Wilson.

Born in Seattle in 1964, Chris Cornell embarked on his musical journey in 1983. Rising to prominence as the lead vocalist of Soundgarden, he contributed to six studio albums, concluding with “King Animal” in 2012. Cornell’s musical footprint extended to the supergroup Temple of The Dog, formed in 1991 and releasing a self-titled album. Additionally, he collaborated with members of Rage Against the Machine to create the supergroup Audioslave, delivering three albums between 2002 and 2006. As a solo artist, Cornell released four studio albums, with “Higher Truth” marking his final musical offering in 2015.

Tragically, in 2017, while on tour with Soundgarden, Chris Cornell chose to end his own life at the age of 52. His impact on the music industry and the memories shared by those who knew him continue to resonate, reflecting the complexity and brilliance of a life devoted to artistic expression.


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