Birmingham Commonwealth Games bull named after Ozzy Osbourne

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In a mesmerizing display that stole the spotlight at the 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, a colossal mechanical bull took center stage and has now been officially named after the iconic Black Sabbath frontman, Ozzy Osbourne.

Following an exciting public vote, the 33-foot (10-meter) tall sculpture’s name was unveiled on BBC Breakfast. The larger-than-life creation, affectionately known as “Ozzy,” will soon find its permanent residence at Birmingham New Street railway station.

Expressing his overwhelming delight, the rock legend himself, who graced the stage at the Birmingham games’ closing ceremony, exclaimed, “I’m absolutely blown away. Thank you for all your votes. And Birmingham forever,” during his interview with the BBC.

Originally slated for dismantling after the games, the sculpture received a reprieve thanks to a passionate public outcry. With nearly 10,000 signatures collected through a petition to save it, the decision was made to grant Ozzy the bull a new lease on life.

During and after the games, tens of thousands of people flocked to Birmingham’s Centenary Square to catch a glimpse of the magnificent sculpture in its temporary home, quickly turning it into one of the city’s most beloved attractions.

The naming process for the sculpture involved over 28,000 votes, with the other contenders including Bostin, a widely used Midlands term meaning excellent; Brummie, referring to the people from Birmingham; and Boulton, in honor of the pioneering 18th Century industrialist Matthew Boulton.

Network Rail, responsible for the railway infrastructure, revealed that Ozzy received an overwhelming 70% of the votes, making it the clear winner. West Midlands mayor Andy Street commented on the public’s resolute decision, stating, “The people of our region couldn’t have made a clearer choice.”

Anticipation runs high as Ozzy the bull prepares for its triumphant homecoming at New Street Station, proudly bearing the name of the Prince of Darkness himself. West Midlands mayor Andy Street eagerly awaits the sculpture’s unveiling, proclaiming, “I cannot wait to see Ozzy take pride of place in New Street Station in a triumphant homecoming this summer.”

Lord Peter Hendy, chair of Network Rail, also expressed his excitement, emphasizing the affection people hold for this star of the Commonwealth Games. He eagerly anticipates the sculpture’s grand debut on the station concourse, perfectly timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The creators of the bull, Artem, shared their sentiments on the decision, describing the process of fitting the sculpture through the station doors as “part of a giant jigsaw puzzle.” Mike Kelt, chief executive of Artem, emotionally added, “It’s quite emotional for us that the people in Birmingham wanted the bull to become a permanent fixture.”

As the magnificent mechanical bull named Ozzy finds its rightful place at Birmingham New Street railway station, it symbolizes the enduring legacy of the Commonwealth Games and pays homage to the exceptional talent and connection between Ozzy Osbourne, the city of Birmingham, and the world of music. Visitors to the station will be able to witness the marvel of this extraordinary sculpture, forever etching the memories of the games and celebrating the indomitable spirit of both the artist and the city in their hearts and minds.

In conclusion, the 2022 Commonwealth Games brought together art, music, and community in a breathtaking spectacle. The towering presence of Ozzy the mechanical bull captivated audiences, and its official naming after Ozzy Osbourne added an extra layer of significance. With its upcoming move to Birmingham New Street railway station, the sculpture will become a permanent symbol of pride, admired by locals and visitors alike. As the bull takes its rightful place, the spirit of the Commonwealth Games and the rock legend Ozzy Osbourne will continue to inspire and resonate with generations to come.

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