Bob Dylan Names Three The Rolling Stones Songs He Wishes He’d Written

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The Rolling Stones have always held a particular place in Bob Dylan’s heart. The two musicians have developed a special friendship during the course of their spectacular climb to fame, which they have witnessed alongside his own. This bond is based on creativity, expression, and the unwavering determination to forward a daring new approach to popular music.

Dylan and The Stones have been compared and discussed for decades due to their immense influence on modern music. The two have stayed complimentary to one another, at least for the most part, despite developing a healthy chart rivalry over the years.

Keith has talked about Bob Dylan on different occasions and also said, “I’d work with Bob any(where). I’d work with Bob in hell or heaven. I love him.” Not only him, but the rest of the band also has very mutual feelings. Mick Jagger also went on to detail and commented, “I was playing Bob Dylan records at my parents’ house when he was still an acoustic folk singer, but he was already very important and his lyrics were on point. The delivery isn’t just the word; it’s the accentuation and the moods and twists he puts on them. His greatness lies in the body of work.

Dylan was asked whether there were any Rolling Stones songs he wishes he had written in a 2020 interview with the New York Times. He had a prompt response. He answered,  “Oh, I don’t know, maybe Angie, Ventilator Blues, and what else, let me see. Oh yeah, Wild Horses.”

The Stones released the historic track “Angie” as the first single from their 1973 album Goats Head Soup, while “Wild Horses” was a standout from their 1971 album Sticky Fingers. Exile On Main St., the album that came out in between the two, had the song “Ventilator Blues.”

Dylan has already extolled the virtues of The Rolling Stones, and he said in an interview a few years ago: “They’re far from finished. The Rolling Stones are truly the greatest rock and roll band in the world and always will be. The last too.”

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