Bob Dylan Says, “Frank Zappa Was Ahead of His Time”

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Bob Dylan has been regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Other than that, his lyrics incorporated political, social, and many other influences which appealed to the general public. Also, the way the world changed with Covid and its restrictions was a different time and Bob Dylan had things to say about it.

Bob Dylan recently gave a ’20 question’ written interview to the Wall Street Journal. Seems like even a fruitful singer like himself had rediscovered how Frank Zappa was ahead of his time. Bob has earned countless awards including an Oscar, 10 Grammys, and the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature.

In the interview, he reflected on the bubble of technology, his younger days, and his own lockdown experience and songwriting. To talk about his older days, he revealed he first heard most of the songs on the radio, portable record players, and jukeboxes. He compared those experiences with his current habit and said he now listens to music on CDs, and satellite radio and likes to stream.

Bob also talked about how he discovered new music. He revealed it is mostly by accident. He went on with such a topic until he stumbled on one. After talking about technology, creativity, and social media, he talked about Lockdown. Bob said,

“It was a very surrealistic time, like being visited by another planet or by some mythical monster. But it was beneficial in a lot of ways, too. It eliminated a lot of hassles and personal needs; it was good having no clock. A good time to put some things to an end.”

Dylan also discussed some changes he made in his life. He commented, “I changed the door panels on an old 56 Chevy, and replaced some old floor tiles, made some landscape paintings, wrote a song called ‘You Don’t Say.’ I listened to Peggy Lee records. Things like that.”

That’s when he talked about songs he appreciated. Zappa was also mentioned. Dylan added, “I listened to The Mothers of Invention record ‘Freak Out!,’ that I hadn’t heard in a long, long time. What an eloquent record. ‘Hungry Freaks, Daddy,’ and the other one, ‘Who Are the Brain Police?’ are perfect songs for the pandemic. No doubt about it, Zappa was light years ahead of his time. I’ve always thought that.”

Seems like Dylan had a good time in the lockdown. From changing the door of his car, and replacing floor tiles, to listening to old classic good music. In the interview, he even had other things to say like his favorite music and tours. Be sure to read the full article (paywall) which will surely give you different insights into Bob Dylan.

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