Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Says Frank Zappa Is His Musical Inspiration

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You can go around asking who the greatest and the most iconic musician of the 20th century is and we bet that many people will take the name, Frank Zappa. Certainly, he is one of the greatest because he was an important figure who changed the music scene for good.

As much as people praise Zappa’s music compositions, they do the same for his powerful and very unique guitar-playing ability. Furthermore, Zappa was and is still one of the most influential music artists ever, and even to this day, many of his songs still resonate in the music world. Frank started making music back in the 60s and he became really successful solo artist however, he also formed a band, The Mothers of Invention (The Mothers), he formed the band in 1964 along with other band members.

Besides, Frank is also known to inspire many musicians including Brian May and David Gilmour. However, are there any music artists in the 21st century who is inspired by Zappa? Well, there are many musicians who are inspired by and love Zappa’s work however, in this piece we are going to be talking about Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds. Dan has claimed that he was really inspired by Frank Zappa, so now let’s dig deeper and discuss it in detail, shall we?

What did Dan Reynolds say about Frank Zappa?

As mentioned, Reynolds is inspired by Frank Zappa’s music and I guess that explains why Imagine Dragons are really successful and popular now, well, the frontman of the band is inspired by the great of the greatest after all. If you only follow rock and old music then you might not know who Imagine Dragons are.

Well, Imagine Dragons is an American pop-rock band that was formed back in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They are one of the biggest and the most popular as well as iconic bands of this century. Since the early 2000s, this band has been selling record after record and according to our sources, Imagine Dragons have sold twenty million albums globally.

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Now let’s move on to the topic, what does Dan Reynolds think of Frank Zappa? well, certainly Reynolds could do nothing but get inspired by the musical legend. A few months back Reynolds was asked about his musical inspirations and he soon replied to his fan, he said, “Buddy Holly, Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, Weird Al. -B.A. McKee.”

Dan takes several artists’ names including Zappa’s as his musical inspiration. Clearly, there was and there is no other like Zappa because he is the goat. Unfortunately, a catastrophe happened on December 4, 1993, in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States.

And yes, you guessed it correctly, it was the day when Frank Zappa, the legendary musician of the twentieth century passed away. So how did he die? as per the reports, he died battling cancer for a long time. Three years before his death he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and battled it for years however, he could not win against the disease and ended up losing his life in the battle.

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