Bon Jovi Guitarist On Taking Richie Sambora’s Spot Amid Replacement Rumors

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In a recent episode of the Kenny Aronoff Sessions podcast, Phil X, the guitarist for Bon Jovi, drew parallels between their upcoming album and the Eagles’ iconic ‘Hotel California.’ He shared insights into the collaborative and exhilarating atmosphere during the recording process, evoking memories of the Eagles’ studio sessions.

Reflecting on the collaborative moments within the group, Phil X expressed, “There were instances where we were all collaborating as a group. It gave me flashbacks to watching an Eagles documentary during the creation of ‘Hotel California.’ That vibe, those goosebumps – it was all there.”

Discussing his preparation to step into Richie Sambora’s shoes for the Bon Jovi show, Phil X emphasized the challenge of mastering newer tracks like ‘Lost Highway’ and ‘These Days,’ given that his fandom originated from earlier albums. Despite acknowledging he couldn’t replicate Sambora’s style, he affirmed his commitment to honoring the band, its members, and the fans.

Phil X’s passion for the upcoming album and collaboration with Jon Bon Jovi was evident as he discussed the excitement surrounding the sound mix. He expressed a desire for the guitars to take a more prominent role in the new record, emphasizing the rock essence of Bon Jovi’s music.

This renewed enthusiasm comes after a period of relative silence for the band, hinted at by Phil X in October 2023 when he disclosed plans to record in Nashville on the NTTFG Podcast. The guitarist revealed Jon’s extensive songwriting and pre-production efforts in Jersey, setting the stage for a month-long recording session in Nashville.

While details about the album, including its title and release date, remain undisclosed, anticipation is growing among both fans and the band. As Bon Jovi commemorates their 40th anniversary, they are not only looking forward to the new album but also preparing for the release of a limited-edition ruby color vinyl LP and a cassette of ‘Bon Jovi Deluxe Edition’ in 2024. This special release will feature the remastered original album and nine bonus tracks, adding another dimension to their remarkable musical journey.

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