Roger Waters Says Jon Bon Jovi Is A Frontman Of A Pop Group

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Recently, Roger Waters, the former bassist of Pink Floyd, took to his X account to upload a video clarifying his stance on Bon Jovi, the band and its frontman. In this video, he revisits a letter he penned years ago to Jon Bon Jovi, which he described as both an individual and a pop group. Waters explained that his communication was in direct reaction to comments made by Howard Stern, a prominent figure in American broadcasting.

In the video, Waters recounted writing an open letter to Stern, questioning if Stern still maintained his fame in American radio. He pointed out that his correspondence with Stern was a follow-up to a letter he had sent to Bon Jovi. At that time, Bon Jovi was scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv. Waters used this opportunity to reiterate his portrayal of Jon Bon Jovi, emphasizing the pop essence of the band.

The backstory to Waters’ open letter to Bon Jovi dates back to 2015, before the band’s concert in Tel Aviv on October 3rd. Waters openly criticized Bon Jovi, accusing the band of symbolically aligning with Israel through their performance. Stern, in turn, vocally opposed Waters’ views, leading to a heated exchange between the two. Stern’s pointed question, “What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?” captured the tension of the discourse.

Post-concert, Waters chose not to comment further on Bon Jovi’s actions or the ensuing controversy. Similarly, Jon Bon Jovi has not publicly addressed Waters’ remarks or the letter.

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