Brian Johnson Open to Work on New Music with AC/DC

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In a recent interview with, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson said that he “would be up for” writing new music with AC/DC. Brian was told ‘not to talk’ about the band’s future plans on Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation on SiriusXM but there’s him.

While talking he discussed his hopes for the future. He said, “I would love to do music again, whether it’ll be guesting with somebody, whether it be actually playing live with the boys.”

Brian hasn’t been with the band since 2016. Back then he was forced to leave AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust Tour due to his hearing problems and Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist Axl Rose had to fill his place for the rest of the tour. He has experienced hearing loss all his career and is the direct result of years of performing live without proper ear safety. On top of that, he has a love for racing cars which damaged his hearing over time.

In the interview, Brian also discussed his 2022 autobiography ‘The Lives of Brian: A Memoir’ and said. “I’ve heard that term ‘hell freezes over’ a million times before with people saying ‘I’m not doing that again,’ but I’d be up for it. I think everybody hopes to make more music. But I feel like now the next thing I’ve got is, I want to jump into my race car, put the helmet on and just go racing.”

It’s a bit like music, a bit like the start of a show – the flag drops and the bullshit stops and it’s just you and lots of other people trying to go as fast as you can. I guess I’ve always liked that element of danger.”

“I didn’t want to write an AC/DC book, ’cause that’s not my book. It never will be. It’s not my story to tell. That book is for the boys, or whoever was there from the start. That’s what I want to read. I want to read what it was like when Malcolm [Young] and Angus [Young] just had a meeting and said, ‘Right, let’s do this’ and got the drummer and the singer. I think it would be fantastic if it came out, if somebody wanted to do it. But that’s not my book. And I think a book about the present day or, say, when I joined to the present day would be nothing more than a catalog, a diary of what happened.”

Johnson battled hearing loss but sought help in 2016. He was at complete risk of hearing loss and regrets not taking better care of his hearing earlier in his career. Now, he can hear as he has been using special in-ear monitors which can reduce the overall volume of sound for him. It has been of great help to him and now, he can sing, and play instruments alongside his band.

The band released Power Up in 2020 which was AC/DC’s first album since 2014’s ‘Rock Or Bust’. Regarding the album, NME wrote, “While far from a reinvention of the wheel, ‘Power Up’ is a joyous celebration of the unbridled heavy rock that has served them well for almost 50 years and, we can hope, a unifying cry for the future.”

Listen to the album, ‘Power Up’ down below.

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