Malcolm Young’s Biggest Remorse About Bon Scott

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The world of music keeps on revolving and with each rotation, many artists find themselves in the spotlight and many miss that spot. There are only a few people who have made it through these obstacles, but there are so many amazing artists dead or alive, that we have no idea about them.

There are so many underrated artists in the world of music who haven’t gotten the recognization they deserve. The hard work they have provided in their lifetime has been still shrouded in mystery, and even if they make big sometimes, their good side will only be shown to the public and the reality will always be hidden.

And even according to the late founder member of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, he stated that his bandmate also went through some stages of life, some underappreciated moments.

Bon Scott is known for being one of the very best who had helped the crew in some of their best classic albums such as; Highway to Hell’ and ‘Let There Be Rock,’ let’s take a look at what Malcolm said about the moment during an interview with Metal CD in 1992.

In the music history of rock, some great artists such as; Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, and others artist have been in the spotlight for quite a time. They have been immortalized by their audience and have received enough global recognition, but the late singer of AC/DC didn’t get welcomed the same way.

Only the true and hardcore fans of AC/DC know the great works of Scott and gives him credit. Hardcore fans of music know the true story behind the success of the band but it is still a pity that Scott is still being shrouded in mystery and didn’t get the global recognition he was supposed to. Malcolm Young had the same thoughts as well.

“After ‘Highway to Hell,’ some of the critics started to realize that Bon did have a talent,” the guitarist explained how the audience solely started to appreciate Scott’s skills. “Then, when he died, everyone was suddenly saying what a great performer he’d been.”

When Scott was alive, he didn’t get enough fame but after his death, it increased rapidly and finally got the recognition that he deserved. Malcolm says; “And these were the same guys that two years before had been saying we’d do much better with a singer that didn’t scream all the time. They were saying we should ditch Bon and get someone like David Coverdale!” 

Young wanted Scott to get the recognition while he was alive, while he was still in his career with the band. Malcolm remorse about Bon and said; “What hurt me more than anything was that Bon never got the recognition due to him when he was alive.”

The era of the band where it had the influence of Bon Scott will always remain special. His performance will always be remembered in the history of rock music and by all the fans worldwide. Although he didn’t get recognition while he was alive, the audience will never forget his charismatic voice and the talent of the singer which was a big reason behind AC/DC’s early success.

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