Queen’s Brian May opinion on Ritchie Blackmore

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Some people are born with natural talent and some work really hard and beat talent with their hard work. Well, even with natural talent one must learn to play the guitar and Ritchie Blackmore is one hard-working man who mastered the guitar playing techniques. He is someone who can make you bounce with his magnificent guitar-playing ability.

His band Deep Purple must have been glad to have him in the band after all he is the talent his band received as a gift. However, call it unfortunate or a coincidence Blackmore left the band in 1975. Obviously, after leaving the band, he thought of pursuing a solo music career however, he instead changed his plan and formed his own band Rainbow. For decades people have listed Blackmore as one of their favorite guitar players, more than that he is one of the most inspiring guitarists of all time.

And of course, Brian May does not need any introduction, he is certainly one of the most talked about and iconic guitarists who rose to fame as a co-founder and lead guitarist of the popular rock band Queen. Moreover, Brian talked about various guitarists including David Gilmour from Pink Floyd and obviously Ritchie Blackmore too, which is why we are here to discuss what Brian thinks of Blackmore.

What does Brian think of Ritchie Blackmore?

Well, it seems that Blackmore was able to impress and influence Queen’s lead guitarist as well because when Brian was asked about his favorite guitar players he named Blackmore along with several other artists. Talking about Blackmore Brian said, “Another great hero of mine. I think he’s one of the most dangerous guitar players ever. And I mean that in the best possible way. Beautiful! He was there way ahead of any of us.”

Moreover, not only does Brian think of Blackmore as his hero but he also feels that he is underrated. In 2013 Brian went to UK’s Planet Rock radio where he talked about Blackmore and said, “You know, people don’t talk about Ritchie Blackmore enough. I don’t know why, but he was such a trailblazer and technically incredible — unpredictable in every possible way. It’s great. That’s what you love, isn’t it? You go to a gig and you want to see something which is not predictable, which is not like just reproducing. So you never knew what you were gonna see when you went to see Purple, when Blackmore was in it, but also Rainbow. You know, this was his own thing and it was wild and dangerous.” You can also listen to the audio above.

Brian May also said that he really loved Blackmore’s band Rainbow’s song Since You’ve Been Gone from their 1979 album Down to Earth. As mentioned above, Blackmore left Deep Purple and formed his own band Rainbow in 1975. And reports have it that his band has sold more than thirty million records globally.

Moreover, Blackmore is also the co-founder of Deep Purple, he founded or formed the band back in 1968 along with other band members. However, eight years after the band was formed, in 1976 they split up only to get reunited in 1984. Deep Purple is certainly one of the most popular bands and they were even listed as the globe’s loudest band back in 1975. Furthermore, talking about their total album sales, they have millions of fan following and as per the reports, they have sold more than a hundred million albums globally.

Their best-selling album is MACHINE HEAD which sold more than 2,821,000 copies. And certainly, it is clear that all the band members are musical geniuses however, Blackmore really made a difference in the band. People even believe that if he was not in the band then the band would not have been this sensational.

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  1. Ritchie Blackmore is untouchable. I remember the first time I heard Knocking At Your Back Door. I recognized his guitar playing right away and knew it was Deep Purple. His tone was unmistakable.
    Some say he’s not the same in his last Rainbow recording, Monters of Rock (Ronnie Romero is the only person I’ve heard that can rival the young Ian Gillan’s Child In Time) I think it was, but they’re wrong. He changed up his style and isn’t as aggressive because of all the acoustic guitar and medieval style he plays, but even pushing 80 Blackmore kicks a$$. Amazing. I hope he records more with Rainbow.

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