Brian May Wants Beatles To Have A Biopic Like “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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The Beatles have been the prime source of inspiration for many musicians. The Fab Four captured everyone’s attention with their music which involved rock n’ roll, folk, pop, and experimental music. Regarding the Beatles, Brian May, the rock band Queen guitarist, had things to say. And believe us, it was mixed in with the truth.

Back in February of 2022, while speaking with The Express, Brain stated how the Beatles inspired his generation. Sadly, they are under-represented nowadays. That’s the reason he believes that The Beatles need their own biopic like Bohemian Rhapsody.

During the discussion, May shared, “The Beatles were our Bible. Absolutely at every stage in their career and their music development, they were models. And they still are to me, I must say. I love all those albums. To me, they are the greatest. They are the pinnacle of the writing, performance, and ethos of rock music. They broke down so many barriers, they changed the world many times. I will always love the Beatles without any reservation.”

2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most emotional and successful music biopics of all time. The film follows the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, and centers around the musical influence the band had. The film stars Rami Malek as Mercury, who won an Oscar for his work on the movie. The movie was commercially and critically successful which made the biopic one of the best to date.

Brian then revealed his wish and said he was in favor of a great biopic of the Beatles. May thinks that the Beatles are underrated in today’s world for their contribution. He said,

I feel like they’ve been underrepresented in the world as it is today. The kids today don’t know the Beatles as much as they ought to. The Beatles should be woven into people’s lives in the way Queen music is these days.

Brian recollected his thoughts and revealed he had a chance to meet some of the members of the Fab Four. He disclosed he met “Paul a few times, done a few things. He’s a great guy and an animal campaigner as I am.” Brian also talked about Ringo and said he met him a couple of times, just briefly. Sadly, he never got to meet John and said, “I wish I had, I would have loved to have done. What a wonderful talent and a wonderful voice. Incredible.” About Harrison, he recalled working together in 1992 at the Water Rats Charity Ball. “He played one of my guitars which is nice! I love George, I love his playing. I think he’s still underrated. Wonderful!”

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