Dave Evans Breaks His Silence On Rejoining AC/DC Rumors

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Amid swirling rumors in 2016 suggesting a possible return of Dave Evans to AC/DC following Brian Johnson’s hiatus, the former frontman swiftly debunked the speculations during a candid conversation with José Luis Mata Sanchez, dismissing them as baseless chatter.

Setting the record straight with trademark bluntness, Evans minced no words, declaring, “We call that in Australia bullsh*t. Okay. Bullsh*t.”

Refuting any notion of a potential reunion, Evans clarified that he was fully engrossed in his own musical endeavors and hadn’t entertained the idea of returning to AC/DC’s fold, dismissing the rumors as mere attempts to grab headlines.

Moreover, Evans shed light on the circumstances surrounding Axl Rose’s temporary stint with AC/DC, attributing the decision to Angus Young’s friendship with the Guns N’ Roses frontman. According to Evans, Rose stepped in as a favor to Angus to help the band fulfill its tour commitments during Johnson’s absence, squashing any misconceptions about Rose permanently joining the band.

Addressing the hypothetical scenario of an AC/DC invitation, Evans affirmed his commitment to his solo career, emphasizing his preference for performing his own material alongside classics from the AC/DC repertoire.

When prodded about AC/DC’s best vocalist, Evans didn’t hesitate to place himself at the top of the list, tongue firmly in cheek. He emphasized the distinct styles of himself, Bon Scott, and Brian Johnson, asserting that comparing them would be futile and unfair.

Reflecting on his departure from AC/DC in 1974, Evans dispelled any notions of animosity, attributing his exit to practical concerns about financial stability rather than any interpersonal conflicts. With characteristic candor, Evans laid bare the realities of the music industry, emphasizing the pragmatic decisions musicians often face.

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