Dave Grohl’s Big Revelation After Kurt Cobain Passing

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Dave Grohl joined the iconic rock band Nirvana in 1990. Sadly, Grohl’s journey with the band would come to an end just four years after he joined them, in 1994. Of course, the reason was the passing of Nirvana’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. Although four years were not much, Grohl had built a deep bond with his bandmate Cobain, and naturally, after his death, his heart was filled with sadness and shattered into pieces.

Grohl did not give up even after Kurt died and formed a band himself which we all are aware of, Foo Fighters. However, he never forgot his pal. In fact, following Cobain’s death, Grohl made a huge revelation.

Dave Grohl reveals how he felt after Kurt Cobain died

It’s no secret that Grohl not only found himself in a music band that pushed him to become an excellent musician by utilizing his incredible drumming skills, but he also found himself a very good friend, Kurt Cobain. Many fans may not be aware of this but, Kurt was someone very special to Grohl, and given the fact that Kurt was the one who really trusted and believed in Grohl’s songwriting ability, it makes sense why he was special to Grohl.

He was someone who could be considered a true friend, and can you imagine receiving the devastating news of your friend’s death? Well, Grohl did and certainly, it hit him hard.

It is reported that Kurt committed suicide by gunshot on April 5th, 1994, although his body was found three days after on April 8. After receiving the news, Grohl was shocked and saddened. He stated that he could not even find any words to describe how much pain he was in.

Grohl even turned his back on music after his death as it only reminded him of his friend. He said, “For a while, after Kurt died, I couldn’t even listen to music, I hated turning on the radio for fear that I’d hear a Nirvana song or any sort of sad music. Anything melancholy just made me so depressed.”

However, it was also music that healed and helped him get over Cobain’s death. Grohl continued, “I just didn’t really want to hear any music. Then I realized, ‘Oh wait, it’s music that’s going to heal me. What am I doing? I should be listening to music. I should be making music that will make me feel better’. And it did.”

Dave Grohl’s revelation after Kurt Cobain’s death

As previously stated, Grohl was devastated by Cobain’s death, and while he was saddened by the fact, it was also a huge revelation to him. He stated that he realized Kurt was no longer here, he couldn’t wake up, make a cup of coffee, or turn on the radio.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Grohl said, “Waking up that morning and realizing, ‘Oh, sh*t, he’s not here anymore. Like, I get to wake up, and he doesn’t. I’m making a cup of coffee. And he can’t. I’m going to turn on the radio. And he won’t.’ That was a big revelation to me.”

He further said, “I think also in life, you get trapped in crisis, where you imagine there’s no way out. When really, if you dare to consider that crisis a blip on the radar, it’s easier to push through. And, yeah, I was just like, ‘I don’t want anyone to have that feeling that I had that morning.”

Certainly, it was hard for all the members of Nirvana including their drummer Dave Grohl, and as mentioned above, even though he turned his back on music, it was also music that helped him with Cobain’s passing.

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