Dave Grohl names the band that exceeds all its musical capabilities

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Dave Grohl, a renowned musician, and member of the Foo Fighters has had the privilege of playing alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry.

From sharing the stage with David Bowie at his 50th birthday concert to collaborating with Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, Grohl’s talent has been recognized by music legends.

However, there is one band that Grohl believes he is not capable of playing with, both physically and musically.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl was asked how he would respond if he were invited to play drums with the Canadian prog-rock group Rush.

He humbly replied, “I would say I’m not physically or musically capable, but thank you for the offer”.

Grohl went on to express his admiration for Rush’s drummer, Neil Peart, referring to him as “another animal, another kind of drummer”.

Neil Peart

While Grohl acknowledged that he knows the arrangements, he compared himself to Meg White, the drummer of The White Stripes, in relation to Neil Peart.

He amusingly stated, “And she’s one of my favorite drummers! She’s also my daughter’s favorite drummer.

My daughter plays drums to two kinds of music: White Stripes and AC/DC. I tell her, ‘That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.'”

Dave Grohl’s deep admiration for Rush stems from his personal connection to the band. He was a devoted fan of Rush from a young age, and their music played a significant role in his own drumming journey.

In an interview with Pulse of Radio, he shared a pivotal moment when he listened to Rush’s 1976 album, ‘2112’, at the tender age of eight.

Dave Grohl reminisced, “It changed the course of my life. I heard the drums. It made me want to be a drummer.”

Shifting gears, it’s worth mentioning that the tribute concert held in London at Wembley Stadium in September 2022, dedicated to the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, has garnered significant recognition.

The event has been nominated for an Emmy Award, highlighting the emotional and memorable performances that paid tribute to Hawkins’ legacy.

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