Dave Mustaine: “I Don’t Really Talk About My Time With Metallica”

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During an interview at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was quizzed about his time with Metallica. Mustaine explained he usually doesn’t initiate conversations about his former band but will answer if asked.

He feels he doesn’t need validation from his Metallica days and values his experiences with other bands like Panic and Megadeth more.

Mustaine looked back fondly at his time with Metallica, admitting past hurts but understanding that things happen for reasons beyond our control. Accepting things as they are is key for him now.

In June, while discussing Megadeth’s 40th anniversary, Mustaine touched upon his Metallica days. He emphasized that despite past conflicts, they are friends now. Mustaine believes that it’s essential to approach past disputes with forgiveness and understanding.

The guitarist also clarified that he hasn’t listened to Metallica’s latest album, “72 Seasons”. He admitted to avoiding their music during their strained years but has since moved past that sentiment. Mustaine expressed interest in another collaboration like the “Big Four” they previously did.

In 2022, Mustaine delved into his 1983 exit from Metallica during an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience”. He expressed his discontent about Metallica using his music even after his departure. Despite the pain, Mustaine emphasizes his priorities are his family and his relationship with God.

Recalling a 2009 interview, Mustaine spoke about the hurt of being dismissed from Metallica, drawing a parallel to a loved one leaving. An altercation with James Hetfield, Metallica’s frontman, might have precipitated his exit.

In 2016, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett expressed empathy for Mustaine’s feelings post-exit. He felt the onstage reunion was healing for both parties. Mustaine acknowledged this, suggesting the experience improved their relationship.

However, in a 2004 interview, Mustaine had thrown shade at Hammett, hinting at a deeper personal conflict.

While Mustaine didn’t play on any Metallica albums, the debates around his contributions and departure remain a significant aspect of rock history.

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