David Coverdale And Ritchie Blackmore’s Peace After 30 Years Of Feud

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It is quite normal for people to get into fights and then reconcile later, and the music industry is no different. Many musicians argue mostly because of personal issues. Since they are artists, they easily get on each other bad sides because of their difference in views and opinions.

Some arguments don’t take long to happen and to get resolved whereas there have been times, when these feuds have lasted up to years, just like in the case of Deep Purple’s members, David Coverdale and Ritchie Blackmore.

The two renowned band members weren’t on good terms with one another. However, After a very long wait of nearly thirty years, the two finally buried the hatchet.

What happened between David and Ritchie?

Most of the fans are aware of the feud between David and Ritchie. However, most might be unaware of how it all started and what was the reason behind it. Talking about their relationship, Coverdale recently expressed his exasperation at Deep Purple for how he and Glenn Hughes were treated by their former band.

Coverdale stated that when he first joined the band, he was very young and inexperienced, but they always supported him. Mainly, it was Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord, who significantly contributed to his development as a singer.

So, what went down with these two? Turns out, the main reason for their feud was their different opinions and approach toward music. Ian Gillan, who was with Deep Purple as a singer, had also gotten into a dispute with Blackmore.

The reason? It was the same as it was with Coverdale; disagreeing about music regularly. Ian Gillan even stated how the band had no antagonism towards Ritchie and it was just they had their own interpretations that just didnt seem to match with one another.

During an interview in 2020 with Antihero Magazine, Coverdale opened up about his relationship with Blackmore and how they didn’t really like each other in the past. He further went on to explain that the conflicts between Rainbow and Whitesnake also caused problems between the two.

“Ritchie and I had been in a kind of feud or whatever, 30 years, not being very pleasant about each other.”

– Coverdale talking about his realtionship with Blackmore

Even Blackmore opened up regarding the feud and stated how at an event they were literally fighting with their fists and that further soured their relationship even more.

The feud finally came to an end

It was 2012 when Deep Purples’ Jon Lord died, these two reconnected and shared their loss. Coverdale stated that after Lord passed away, he reached out to Blackmore via his spouse, Candice to share his condolences.

Later on, they continued talking by mailing each other regularly and also celebrated anniversaries by sending messages to each other. Explaining the time they got reconnected, Coverdale said:

” I reached out to Ritchie, through his wife, Candice, after we’d lost Jon to offer my sincere condolences, and I wished him well and complimented him on doing the kind of music that he wants to do and sticking to it. So, we reconnected very positively. We email each other regularly on anniversaries because he’s like me.”

Coverdale and Blackmore had been in a not-so-good relationship and couldn’t solve their problems for nearly three decades before they reconnected over losing a loved one. They got closer after sharing their grief. Following that period, they constantly tried to send each other e-mails and keep in touch.

Seems like everybody wanted to bury the past and move on as even Ian Gillan, who had also left the band, is also on good terms with them.  After so many years, they got to solve their problems and once again start their friendship.

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