Ian Gillan Vents His Disappointment in a Deep Purple Album

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With the experimentation of various styles like psychedelic rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock, Deep Purple made a great rock scene. They entered the world of music and rock in 1968. Counted among the most influential bands of all time, they are often placed in parallel with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and many more.

Being in a band is not always about sunshine and daisies. It is surely a great experience with making music, touring and all but a band fails when a member departs. It could take forever to get someone as good as the previous mate. The band may not even sound like before if someone is replaced. And while some people could be pleased with the results, others cannot be pleased.

Ian Gillan had a similar event. Ian went on that he couldn’t stand hearing a particular Deep Purple record. It does have an interesting story behind it. He revealed that it was awkward for him to see a new album and he had unsettling feelings about it.

Deep Purple’s lineup has changed a lot over the years. It was pretty much known that they would change the lineup, and that’s when Ritchie Blackmore and the other bandmates produced an album without the former frontman Ian Gillan.

He revealed that the first album ‘Burn’ is something he couldn’t stand hearing the album. He was upset that he was no longer working with the band. He really appreciated the band but he just couldn’t hear that album. He revealed that he had worked on the tracks and it wasn’t fair that his place was filled in by someone else.

He was not really happy about it but a year later when he was interviewed again, he said,

“Oh, no,”

“Obviously, like anything, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the next album in a way. It was something I had been a part of, and there was somebody else singing. I didn’t even want to listen to it. It was very personal. The whole band was personal. We had been through a lot together.”

Ian surely wasn’t pleased with someone else filling in his place but was supportive of the band. He mentioned, “I had never had such experiences onstage with such players. I have never been, for example, literally moved to tears. When I worked with Ritchie onstage, it was unbelievable.”

‘Burn’ was the album that was recorded without Ian’s vocals. It sure was uncomfortable for Ian to listen to it. But still, he was appreciative and loved their work. He celebrated their work and loved the time he spent with them.

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