David Coverdale Hopes Jimmy Page Will Reciprocate His Feelings

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Fans of the album ‘Coverdale/Page’ were disappointed when plans for its 30th-anniversary reissue fell through. David Coverdale, the lead singer of Whitesnake, addressed the possibility of another collaboration with Jimmy Page in a Q&A session on Whitesnake TV YouTube. However, unforeseen problems, including the pandemic, caused delays in remastering their successful 1993 album.

Although there were speculations about a reunion project between the two musicians, Coverdale is uncertain about it. When asked about it by a fan, he said, “I have no idea. I cherish the time I worked with Jimmy. We brought out the best in each other at that time. I’m there for Jimmy if he needs me, and I hope he’s there for me. But I’m not sure if it will happen.”

Whitesnake has also faced challenges. Their 2022 touring plans were canceled due to health issues faced by Coverdale and guitarist Reb Beach. In an interview with the Rockonteurs podcast, Coverdale mentioned that there is no fixed schedule for the band’s return to the road.

Coverdale explained, “I’ve been dealing with a torn rotator cuff this year, so I gave my band the year off because I couldn’t make any commitments. We have recording projects planned for the next few years. I’m hoping to schedule the band when they’re available. I’m also considering offers for Vegas residencies and would love to perform in Japan and South America. However, everything depends on our health and availability.”

While the future of a possible Page and Coverdale project and Whitesnake’s return to touring remains uncertain, fans received some good news with the reissue of their album ‘Still Good To Be Bad’ on April 28.

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