David Coverdale On Choosing Whitesnake Over Jimmy Page

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There aren’t many rock music partnerships as fascinating and exhilarating as the one between Jimmy Page and David Coverdale. Fans clamored for more music when these two rock giants collaborated to produce the legendary “Coverdale-Page” album in 1993. The epidemic and Coverdale’s already jam-packed schedule, as the Whitesnake vocalist revealed to Ultimate Classic Rock, have prevented current plans to release new mixes of the album, replete with unreleased material.

The COVID-19 epidemic, according to David Coverdale, had a negative influence on their goals since it made it difficult for them to cooperate. Page wasn’t as lucky as Coverdale, who had access to a studio close to his house. In addition, the pandemic constraints hampered their timeframe, which finally made it difficult for them to commit to the project.

David had a lot on his plate with a great career lasting more than 50 years, including a two-year farewell tour. The singer lamented his inability to dedicate enough time to the “Coverdale-Page” edition, a project he really values. In reality, he was really enthusiastic about the idea of reissuing the album and including never-before-heard songs.

Coverdale seemed concerned about how to continue with the reissue as the music industry changed. He’s unsure of the ideal media for the project given the drop in CD sales and the increase in vinyl. The vocalist hoped Jimmy Page would take on the release if he thought it was intriguing because he looks to have exhausted the Led Zeppelin discography. The unreleased song “Saccharin” is a particularly alluring addition that Coverdale thinks listeners will adore.

The singer’s comments on the new mixes of his record created with Page are as follows:

“COVID didn’t do us any favors. I’m really lucky — I have a studio within 10 minutes of my primary home. My guy at the time was a cancer survivor, so we were ultra-locked down. Jimmy, of course, where he lived, didn’t have a studio. By the time we came out of COVID, I never had time to do it with that kind of commitment.

You know, I’ve got a very significant agenda, which also, in that time, was a two-year farewell tour after an astonishing 50-year career. There was just no time. It breaks my heart not to do it; it really does. Because it’s a super, super record. But yeah, that was the plan, and I was very excited.

I really don’t know what to do. Within five years, they’re phasing out CDs. Last year, as you well know, vinyl outsold CDs. I don’t know who [to give this project to]. But I pray that Jimmy — I think he has potentially exhausted the Led Zeppelin catalog — that he would take something like this on if he was enthused. There’s a couple of tracks that we never got on there, [including] one called ‘Saccharin,’ which is to die for.”

Consequently, the likelihood of a “Coverdale-Page” reprint is still in doubt because of the pandemic’s continuing impacts and Coverdale’s hectic schedule. It’s obvious that the partnership between these two rock superstars still retains a special place in the hearts of the fans as they anxiously await further developments. One thing is certain: the enchantment generated by Coverdale and Page in 1993 will continue to captivate audiences for years to come. It remains to be seen if the stars will align once more for a reissue.

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