David Draiman Calls Roger Waters ‘Tragic, Pathetic, And Sad’

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David Draiman of Disturbed has been vocal on Twitter about Roger Waters’ recent controversies and actions.

Here’s what Draiman said about Waters on the platform:

“Roger Waters, your comments reflect deeply problematic views. It’s a disservice to Pink Floyd’s renowned legacy. Globetrotting and promoting prejudice mixed with gender bias is sad and disheartening.”

A supporter of Waters countered by pointing to Waters’ fame and influence in comparison to Draiman.

To this, Draiman retorted:

“So because he’s renowned, he gets a pass for promoting harmful ideologies? Fame isn’t the issue here. On the topic of character, I firmly believe I uphold values that are more compassionate and inclusive than what Waters has shown.”

In a prior tweet, Draiman sharply criticized Waters for a concert in Berlin where he donned an SS officer’s uniform, labeling him as prejudiced. Draiman’s tweet said:

“Who’s back at it with his problematic behavior and even going a step further? He’s shown support for authoritarian figures and has seemingly lost touch with the ideals he claims to uphold. The individual in question is Roger Waters.”

It wasn’t just Draiman who raised concerns. Polly Samson, David Gilmour’s spouse, also voiced her dismay over Waters, referring to him as ‘egotistical’ in light of his statements concerning the Russian-Ukraine situation.


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