David Gilmour Announces AI-Powered New Project

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The recently launched project ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour’ by The Orb and David Gilmour is an innovative fusion of music and AI technology. Fans are invited to use AI tools from Vermillio to reimagine tracks from this album. Intriguingly, the band intends to incorporate fan-generated artwork into their upcoming music video.

This initiative allows fans to create unique album artwork by inputting their emotional responses to the music, with the AI adapting the album cover, mood, and tempo accordingly.

This project, first hinted at in an Instagram post by The Orb and Pink Floyd in August, involves reworking tracks from the 2010 album ‘Metallic Spheres.’ Key contributions come from The Orb’s Alex Paterson, with producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover highlighting Paterson’s enhanced role in this new iteration.

Their goal was to transform the original album into a classic Orb sound, likening the approach to blending the ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack with Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here.’

The first glimpse of this project, ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour: Movement 1 – Excerpt,’ has already been released in a video created by Kavi Karnapura das, offering a preview before the full album’s release.

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