David Gilmour Confesses His Two Regrets About Syd Barrett For The First Time

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The freshly unveiled cinematic chronicle, ‘Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd,’ casts a spotlight on David Gilmour from Pink Floyd as he delves into his shared past with Syd Barrett, weaving a narrative tinged with remorse.

After a year-long crafting process, this enlightening piece of cinema has been unveiled to the public.

It tenderly peels back the layers of the artist’s life, detailing his tumultuous relationship with psychedelic substances and his consequential exit from the iconic band, Pink Floyd.

In the documentary, Gilmour candidly expresses his lingering sentiments of regret concerning his past interactions with his late co-musician. He poignantly confessed:

“We may have been young, but we did everything within our capabilities. Still, there are elements I wish I had done differently.

Despite the dissuasion from his family, I regret not paying him a visit, not making that effort to knock on his door. A few friendly visits, a shared cup of tea – I believe these small gestures could have benefited both Syd and me.”

This freshly released cinematic tribute hosts a series of heart-to-heart discussions helmed by the late Storm Thorgerson, a close friend from Gilmour’s younger days.

These interviews comprise a diverse array of individuals – from Barrett’s kin, friends, and romantic partners, to fellow band members Nick Mason, Gilmour, and Roger Waters.

The documentary borrows its name from a song that Barrett had introduced during his last jamming session with Pink Floyd but never saw the light of day.

The film mostly encapsulates the early evolution of the band and Barrett’s personal journey, adding a new dimension to their shared history.

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