David Gilmour’s favorite Pink Floyd songs to play live

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There might be only a few groups of people who don’t know about the phenomenon band Pink Floyd. It was formed by Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason, back in 1965 however, in 1967 David Gilmour joined the band and ultimately replaced the original lead vocalist Syd Barrett.

While joining the band Gilmour was not well-known but now he has come a long way, he is now known as one of the most iconic guitarists and musicians. And he really deserves the title because it was his shoulder that carried the band after Barrett and Waters were out of the band.

Gilmour has helped write several hit songs for the band including Fearless, Breath, Time, Comfortably Numb, and more. And we know that Gilmour has a favorite track from the band however, which is his favorite track to play live at concerts? come on let’s find that out.

What is David Gilmour’s favorite Pink Floyd song to play live?

Well, Gilmour was asked about the track he really loves to play live and he replied that his favorite track to perform is “Echoes.” This song was the last track from Pink Floyd’s album Meddle which was released back in 1971 in. Gilmour said, “Echoes’, I would say. Was terrific fun to play, particularly on my last solo tour, and the solo tour in 2006 with Rick Wright.”

It is quite well-known that this song was written by former Pink Floyd bassist and co-lead vocalist Roger Waters however, the band’s late keyboardist Richard Wright also played an important role in the composition of this song. And according to Gilmour, the track was a duet between Wright and Waters however since Wright passed away, David thinks it is better if they don’t play the track anymore.

He said, “I always look at that song as being very much a duet thing between him and me. So that was terrific and it couldn’t and shouldn’t be played again now that he is dead.”

And just like he said, Gilmour sticks up to his words because ever since he last played the track on his solo tour On an Island in 2006.

It’s not just his favorite song to play live but he really loves this song and it is one of his favorite tracks from Pink Floyd. When talking about his favorite Pink Floyd tracks he has mentioned several songs including The Great Gig in the Sky, High Hopes, Comfortably Numb, and of course Echoes.

Gilmour is now 76 years old so it is understandable if he wants to retire however when he was asked if he plans on retiring soon, he said, “Being a musician, being a person who’s playing tours and making records is a part-time thing for me at age. I did it, I lived it and I breathed it every day of my life for 30-odd years and now I am slowing down a little bit. But it does not mean that I am any less intense and dedicated to the work that I am doing now. I have other priorities in life as well.”

He even thinks that after a certain period of time their song as well as them will be forgotten. He said when he was asked about his legacy, “our music will continue to be played for a hundred years, a thousand years, a million years? Then it will be forgotten like everything else will be forgotten.”

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