Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour favorite The Beatles songs

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If you know about rock music history then you might know that The Beatles are the most important as well as the best rock band to ever exist. They are also the only rock band to have sold around 600 million albums worldwide which is a certain reason why the Beatles are called or known as the number one best-selling music artist of all time.

As the best-selling music artist of all time, the Beatles influenced many artists including Freddie Mercury, Nirvana, David Gilmour, and many more. From the start we have been mentioning the Beatles however, this article is not only going to be about the Beatles but we will also be talking about one of the most popular singers and members of the well-known rock band Pink Floyd, David Gilmour.

There is no debate that the Beatles were and are still the best and they have inspired and influenced millions of people. But in this handy article, we have brought you the list of David Gilmour’s favorite songs by the Beatles. Follow up and read the full article to find out more.

David Gilmour says The Beatles are the best

If you have been following Gilmour for a while then you certainly must know that he has spoken about the Beatles many times and whenever he mentions them, he always praises them. Really, Gilmour admires the Beatles very much. A few years back, Gilmour was asked if he thinks Pink Floyd is the best to which he humbly said, “oh I don’t know it’s no the Beatles are the best.”

As humble as Gilmour is, it is also very true that the Beatles are indeed the best of all time. However, we can also imagine that the Beatles inspired Gilmour and Pink Floyd more because both Beatles and Pink Floyd are English rock bands. While the Beatles were formed in 1960, Pink Floyd was formed in 1965 so they were from the same era but still, Pink Floyd had so much respect for the Beatles, so much that the drummer of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason talked about the one time they meet the Beatles in the control room of Studio Two in 1967 and he said, “They were God-like figures to us.”

However, it was not only the Beatles who inspired Pink Floyd, inspiration was mutual as Pink Floyd inspired the Beatles with their music. It is often said that the Beatles’ song “What’s the New Mary Jane” was inspired by Pink Floyd’s former frontman Syd Barrett.

Unfortunately, Barrett could not continue being in Pink Floyd due to excessive use of psychedelic drugs and his mental illness. After that, David Gilmour joined the band and replaced Barrett. Gilmour did not join the band until late 1967 so he could not meet the Beatles however, he has never stopped talking about how great the Beatles were. Not only he talks about them but he has also covered a few of their songs and shows how much he admires them and how much their song means to him. So what songs from the Beatles do Gilmour loves? let’s find out.

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David Gilmour’s favorite songs by The Beatles

As mentioned, Gilmour has been a fan of the Beatles and he really admires them out of admiration he has even covered some of their songs which most probably are his favorite Beatles songs. And here are the Beatles’ songs Gilmour has covered:

Here, There, and Everywhere

This song was released in 1966 and it is from the Beatles’ album Revolver. This song seems to be really close to Gilmour as back in 2015, Mojo magazine released David Gilmour & Friends compilation CD where they choose a song they like and recreated it. Moreover, they released Gilmour’s version of the Beatles’ popular song Here, There and Everywhere.

Furthermore, Gilmour also talked about how the Beatles influenced him, he said, “I really wish I had been in The Beatles,” in his accompanying notes. “[They] taught me how to play the guitar, I learnt everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic.”

Not only to Gilmour but this song is also dear to Paul McCartney. Paul said that it was the only song that got him praise from John Lennon. McCartney said, “John says just as it finishes, ‘That’s a really good song, lad. I love that song.’ And I’m like, ‘Yes! He likes it!”

I Saw Her Standing There

No matter how famous Gilmour is he’s really humble and accepts that he is a huge fan of the Beatles and he has also provided solos to Paul McCartney’s songs from three of his studio albums that also includes Flowers in the Dirt and Give My Regards to Broad Street.

Furthermore, Gilmour also recorded his quote on Record Collector where he said, “Im a kid, really. You get into Studio Two at Abbey Road, you’re sitting there with Paul McCartney and your guitar is plugged in. You think that’s an ordinary day’s work, but of course, it isn’t its magical!” He later said, “Managing to persuade him to sing I Saw Her Standing There at the Cavern, with me doing the John Lennon parts, was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been in The Who, I’ve been in The Beatles and I’ve been in Pink Floyd! Top that, mother****er!”


Back in 2002, Gilmour performed the famous song from the Beatles however, the sad part is that there were not many to witness Gilmour perform this masterpiece, and that too very wonderfully. This song is certainly one of Gilmour’s favorites.

Along with Gilmour, there were other music artists when he performed this song including Roger Taylor, Paul Carrack, Mike Rutherford, and more.

John Lennon’s Favorite The Beatles’ Song

Across the Universe

In the same Beatles tribute concert back in 2002, Gilmour performed several songs along with Across the Universe. This beautiful song was written by none other than the legendary songwriter and singer John Lennon. Furthermore, Lennon wrote this song after having an argument with his first wife Cynthia.

And during the concert, Gilmour sang this beautiful melody along with several other songs for the aid of the Tibet House Trust.

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