David Gilmour Is Working With An Orchestra And Choir For His Mysterious New Record

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Polly Samson recently treated her Instagram followers to an exclusive glimpse behind the curtains of David Gilmour’s highly anticipated upcoming album production.

In her latest Instagram post, Samson’s feed dazzled with monochromatic snapshots showcasing Gilmour engrossed in collaborative sessions with Charlie Andrew and Will Gardner. The caption tantalized with a sneak peek into the album’s thematic richness:

“Orchestra and choir at Angel Studios, a transcendent symphony in the making.”

The mere mention of new material from Gilmour sent ripples of excitement through his dedicated fan base. With his last album, ‘Rattle That Lock,’ dating back to 2015 and no recent tours, the hunger for fresh tunes was palpable in the flood of enthusiastic comments beneath the post.

One Instagram user voiced their anticipation: “We’re eagerly awaiting the official album and tour announcement. I had hoped for a press release on March 6th, but alas, it’s yet to happen. Please, bless us with this good news!”

Others chimed in with curiosity about Gilmour’s collaboration with a full choir and orchestra, with one remarking:

“I’ve always been drawn to choirs… Can’t wait to experience the sonic marvel this collaboration will yield.”

Gilmour’s upcoming album has been a laborious journey, meticulously crafted away from the limelight. Samson has become the go-to conduit for fans, offering glimpses into the creative process through snapshots and snippets shared over the past year and a half.

The studio’s ensemble boasts a stellar lineup of musical virtuosos and industry stalwarts, including bassists Guy Pratt and Tom Herber, pianist Roger Eno, and drummer Adam Betts. The project also features the expertise of producer Charlie Andrew and percussionist Steve Gadd.

While the official title and release date of Gilmour’s solo masterpiece remains shrouded in mystery, fans can expect the grand unveiling in 2024, promising a musical odyssey like no other.

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