David Gilmour’s Wife Polly Samson Attacks Roger Waters

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Waters and Gilmour got along well when working on Pink Floyd’s early records. Gilmour joined the group in 1968 and added his guitar prowess to some of their most enduring tracks. But as Waters increasingly took charge of the band’s creative direction and sought to impose his vision for its music and message, tensions started to mount in the 1970s.

With the recent actions of Waters, there have been many controversies. Last week, Waters spoke with the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung about a variety of subjects, including his opinions on Israel and the Russian-Ukrainian War.

The musician was questioned about whether he still thought that Israel was similar to Nazi Germany, as he had previously stated. Of course, he said, “Yes.” “The Israeli government is killing people. similar to what the United Kingdom accomplished during our colonial era. This was after he conducted an interview with the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung.

He continued to criticize the United States and President Joe Biden’s involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, labeling America “the major aggressor” and asserting that the crisis was “provoked beyond all measure” as he has done since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

There were also certain tweets that were very offensive. He wrote.

“The truth will set us free. Against the backdrop of the outrageous and despicable smear campaign by the Israeli lobby to denounce me as an anti-semite, which I am not, never have been, and never will be.”

He also shared his views on Putin. Last year, Roger called Putin a gangster and now he has changed his views, he said. About the topic, he commented,

“Exactly, I did. But I may have changed my mind a little bit in the last year. There is a podcast from Cyprus called ‘The Duran.’ The hosts speak Russian and can read Putin’s speeches in the original. Their comments on it make sense to me.

The most important reason for supplying arms to Ukraine is surely profit for the arms industry. And I wonder: is Putin a bigger gangster than Joe Biden and all those in charge of American politics since World War II? I am not so sure. Putin didn’t invade Vietnam or Iraq? Did he?”

He also put his thoughts on Putin’s attacks on Ukraine. He said,

“He launched what he still calls ‘special military operation.’ He launched it on the basis of reasons that, if I have understood them well, are: 1. We want to stop the potential genocide of the Russian-speaking population of the Donbas. 2. We want to fight Nazism in Ukraine.

There is a teenage Ukrainian girl, Alina, with whom I exchanged long letters: ‘I hear you. I understand your pain.’ She answered me, thanked me, but stressed, I’m sure you’re wrong about one thing though, ‘I am 200% certain there are no Nazis in Ukraine.’ I replied again, ‘I’m sorry, Alina, but you are wrong about that. How can you live in Ukraine and not know?’”

Seeing all these comments, Polly was not pleased. Since David Gilmour’s daughter-in-law is Ukrainian, he has made it plain where he stands on the conflict and has repeatedly pleaded with Russian troops to end this losing conflict. She tweeted.

Sadly @rogerwaters you are antisemitic to your rotten core. Also a Putin apologist and a lying, thieving, hypocritical, tax-avoiding, lip-synching, misogynistic, sick-with-envy, megalomaniac. Enough of your nonsense.”

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