Eric Clapton’s Regret about The Beatles’ George Harrison

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In our life, we all make mistakes and some decisions that we can’t help but regret. Well, it is something that we human beings can’t seem to help. And many even can’t seem to get out of their past actions, however, what we must know is that we have to move on because what’s done is done we can’t change it. And by thinking about it we are only putting a burden on ourselves.

And we are all aware that it’s not a feat to move on, however, we have to try and learn from our past actions. Sometimes we may think that we are the only ones that make regrettable mistakes. But let us tell you that you are not the only one everyone has done something that they regret and that includes people who we idolize.

Talking about idol Eric Clapton did something in his past that he regrets and as the title suggests it includes the Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison. So what did Eric do to Harrison that he now regrets?

A love triangle between Eric Clapton and George Harrison

If you have been following these two musicians then the chances are you already know that they were in a love triangle. Both Clapton and Harrison are considered the greatest guitarists of all time and they were really close friends. Harrison even told in an interview that “He’s [Clapton] kind of like a brother.”

And as close friends, they seem to be meeting each other frequently back in the day. And as per the reports, Harrison met Pattie Boyd back in 1964 while they were filming A Hard Day’s Night and soon began dating. Later, they went to a party where Pattie met Clapton and he immediately fell for her, thus starting the love triangle.

Boyd and george

Clapton could do nothing because Boyd was his friend’s girlfriend and later Harrison got married to Boyd in 1966. However, it did not change Clapton’s feelings toward Boyd, and sent a love letter to Boyd which he signed “E.” But Boyd had no idea who it was, however, after some time Clapton asked her out but she wrote in her book Pattie Boyd: My Life in Pictures that her marriage was very dear to her. She then told Harrison about it however, it did not affect their friendship. And talking about Boyd, even though she refused to go out with Clapton she has admitted that she had feelings for him.

Eric Clapton’s marriage

Later Harrison’s marriage with Boyd started crumbling and soon Boyd divorced Harrison in 1977. She said that Harrison cheated on her repeatedly and she also claimed that he had an affair with Ringo’s wife Maureen Starkey Tigrett.

Well, it was great news for Clapton because he wanted Boyd and so they started dating, after a few years on March 27, 1979, the couple got married and moved together. However, it did not hamper Clapton’s friendship with Harrison, in fact, Harrison still remained friends with Boyd and he even called Clapton his husband-in-law.

Sadly, Boyd’s marriage with Clapton also came to an end after being together for ten years in 1987. She seems to have divorced Clapton because of his alcohol problem and more than that because of his affairs with multiple women.

Did Eric Clapton use voodoo power to get Boyd?

These conspiracy theory experts never stop making various conspiracies. Now you may be thinking how can someone make a conspiracy theory on a love story but let me tell you that there are many people who believe that Clapton used voodoo power to separate Boyd from Harrison and finally get her.

Well, it is clear that Clapton was madly in love with her and he even went into depression. Now the conspiracy experts say that Clapton went to visit pianist Dr. John who people believed had voodoo powers. And these people believe that Clapton visited Dr. John to ask him to use his power to get Boyd.

They also say that Clapton took a small box with him while visiting Dr. John and he put the box in his pocket which contained the instructions to use the power. However, it did not work because Clapton was interrupted in the middle of his mission.

Eric Clapton’s regret about George Harrison

It is known to the world that Boyd was inspired to write songs by both Clapton and Harrison. And if you are unaware then the popular songs Wonderful Tonight and Layla were written by Clapton for her. Furthermore, the Beatles’ song Something was written by Harrison and he was inspired to write the song by his wife.

As mentioned Clapton and Boyd got divorced in 1987 and later when talking about this matter, Clapton said that he really regrets doing it. Years later they divorced he was in an interview where he was asked, “Before we take the next call, America’s rocked with scandal. You had that with a wife and George Harrison. What’s your look back on that aspect of the Clapton story?”

He then replied, “It’s not… Something I regret. It’s something I regret. I wanted what he had, basically. And I took her, but it took a lot of time, not overnight. I mean, it was a long, painful process of, you know, I admired him, and I fell in love with her.”

Clapton revealed that it was a really hard and painful process and he even opened up and said that he got addicted to drugs, heroin specifically speaking. However, now it seems that the musician has moved on with his life.

As mentioned, Clapton and Harrison remained friends forever even though they were in a love triangle. Their friendship came to an end on November 29, 2001, after Harrison’s untimely death. Harrison died after battling cancer for a long time, he was 58 years old at the time of his death. It is not known if Clapton is still friends with Boyd but their love story is one of the most talked about in the world. After their divorce, Clapton got married to Melia McEnery and Boyd got married to Rod Weston.

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