George Harrison Favourite The Beatles’ Song

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George Harrison was one of the original members of the English rock band The Beatles. He was also one of the most spiritual musicians of his time. He was really a great musician which is the reason today he is considered one of the greatest musicians of all time. Furthermore, George is also considered the “quiet Beatle” because he did not talk much like John Lennon or Paul McCartney in the interviews.

Moreover, unlike the other artists, Harrison would stay quiet just like his nickname and he also used to avoid questions such as his favorite songs from the band. However, we are here today with much research to provide you with the answer to your question about George Harrison’s favorite Beatles songs.

As mentioned above, Harrison used to avoid questions and always stay quiet, which is why he got his nickname. While Lennon and McCartney were always in the spotlight, Harrison liked to remain silent and do music. Now let’s get right into today’s topic and find out what George Harrison’s favorite Beatles songs are.

George Harrison’s favorite Beatles songs

Although Harrison used to stay quiet and silent he had much to offer to the band and to the music world. He has written numbers songs for the band including you like me too much and more. It was a bit of a hassle while researching Harrison’s favorite Beatles songs because unlike Lennon Harrison did not talk much or share what was on his mind and there are too many sites spreading fake news so to very each one it took quite a lot of effort.

However, after doing proper research we are here and we think we know what Harrison’s favorite Beatles songs are. Before we get into the songs it might be better if we know about Harrison’s favorite album first. And Harrison himself considered The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album released on September 26, 1969, as his favorite album.

Furthermore, this album was a super hit as it became number 1 in both United Kingdom as well as in the United States. As the album was a hit, there were many popular hit songs but in an interview, Harrison revealed that Because might be his favorite song. In an interview, he said that this song “is one of the most beautiful things” they have ever done. Moreover back in 1969, he told Ritchie Yorke that Because might be his favorite song from the Abbey Road album. He said, “I think this is possibly my favorite one on the album because it’s just so simple, the lyrics are so simple.”

Harrison explained that he really loves simple lyrics and since Beautiful has very simple lyrics Harrison immediately liked it. Many believe that it was Harrison’s favorite song from the album as well as from his band The Beatles. However, there are also various other songs from the band that is believed or said to be Harrison’s favorite.

One of the Beatles’ songs people believe was Harrison’s favorite is “Norwegian Wood” from their 1965 album Rubber Soul. In an old interview, Harrison discussed this song along with Lennon and he said that he really felt where the song was coming from. Furthermore, he also said that he enjoyed this song.

Other than that he also seemed to like another song from the band and that song also happens to be the favorite of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Did you guess “Strawberry Fields Forever?” well, if yes then you guessed it correctly. Furthermore, many also say that Harrison’s other favorite song from the Beatles is “Eleanor Rigby.”

Another song Harrison really loved is “This Boy” from their album Meet the Beatles! This album was released back in 1964 and it seems that Harrison really enjoyed and loved this song because when he talked about this song he said that it was a good song. However, what we must keep in mind is that Harrison didn’t say it was his favorite but it is only people’s opinion which you can find on the internet.

There are a few other songs including Every Little Thing, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, In My Life, and others. However, since Harrison never mentioned any of these songs as his favorite so I don’t think they will be worth mentioning here. However, if you still want to know what songs are then you can simply search them on google or if you want us to write about them then we will just let us know.

George Harrison’s Legacy

The most important and greatest legacy left by the music legend is his music. Although we lost him on November 29, 2001, he is still talking and blessing us with his music. And what we must keep in mind is that no matter how beautiful someone or something is they will eventually pass just like Harrison’s song “All Things Must Pass.”

Certainly, Harrison is one of the greatest music legends of all time because even after more than twenty years have passed since Harrison died, we are still talking about him and listening to his music every once in a while. He is also one of the best-selling solo artists not to mention one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Furthermore, as mentioned above George Harrison was also one of the most spiritual music artists of his time. Harrison was a devout Hindu and used to follow Hindu tradition. Following the Hindu tradition, he also used Indian instruments in his music which you can find in his songs like “The Inner Light.”

As mentioned above, Harrison died over twenty years ago losing the battle with lung cancer but as a fan, we are here to always keep his legacy and protect it. Furthermore, Harrison’s only son Dhani Harrison also followed his father’s steps and is now a renowned British musician who has won several prestigious awards including Grammy Award for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package, just like his father he is also into Indian culture.

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