Evanescence: Amy Lee names her favourite rock singer

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Amy Lee, the famous leader of Evanescence for nearly thirty years, has become a symbol for a whole generation, representing the female face of metal.

\Her captivating performances have won the hearts of audiences worldwide, making her an influential role model for aspiring musicians.

Even with her incredible success, Amy Lee admires her musical heroes, and above all, she loves Freddie Mercury.

In an interview with Revolver Magazine, she passionately praised him as one of the greatest rock singers in history.

To Amy, Freddie Mercury was an unmatched rock vocalist, with a perfect voice, incredible strength, and power.

What really amazed her was how he could sing like an opera singer, bringing classical music into the world of rock.

For Amy Lee, Freddie Mercury’s unique talent has been a never-ending source of inspiration. She admired how he blended opera-like elements into his music, creating a fusion that broke musical boundaries.

His ability to infuse rock with grand, classical touches left a lasting impression on her artistic sense. Freddie Mercury’s captivating and distinctive voice, a sign of his genius, continues to deeply move her, making it an experience she could enjoy forever.

In other exciting news, Evanescence and Korn are now on a joint tour, a dream comes true for nu-metal fans.

Both bands are releasing new albums, “Requiem” and “The Bitter Truth,” respectively, adding to the excitement of their performances for fans all over the United States.

As Amy Lee continues her journey as a pioneering musician and frontwoman, she pays tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury, a true master of rock vocals whose influence echoes through the ages. Through her own artistic journey,

Amy Lee honors her musical hero, ensuring that Freddie Mercury’s legacy remains vibrant and inspiring for generations to come.

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