Geddy Lee Expresses Regret About Making Rush His Priority In Life

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Geddy Lee, the iconic bassist and vocalist of Rush, recently discussed his life and career in an interview with The Guardian. Reflecting on his time with the legendary band, Lee expressed some regrets, particularly about prioritizing the band over his family.

Despite these personal sacrifices, he felt incredibly fortunate to have played alongside drummer Neil Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson, valuing not just their musicianship but also their friendship.

Throughout Rush’s prolific career, which included the creation of 19 studio albums and numerous live performances, Lee remained content with their body of work. He candidly admitted to never being totally satisfied with any record they completed but believed it was futile to consider re-recording any of them, preferring to accept them as they were, imperfections and all.

Lee did, however, acknowledge that not all Rush albums were equally revered. In a conversation with Classic Rock in 2020, he singled out ‘Caress Of Steel’ (1975) and ‘Presto’ (1989) as less favorable entries in their discography. Although he recognized ‘Caress Of Steel’ as a disappointment to many, including himself, he also noted its critical role in paving the way for ‘2112,’ a hugely successful album that achieved platinum status in the US and Canada following its release in March 1976. Despite its initial reception, ‘Caress Of Steel’ had managed to cultivate a dedicated fan base over the years, demonstrating the diverse and enduring appeal of Rush’s music.

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