GENE SIMMONS: ‘The Avatars Are The Future Of KISS’

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In an exclusive interview with Rockast’s Henrique Inglez de Souza, Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist/vocalist of KISS, delved into the band’s recent groundbreaking decision. KISS has opted to sell its entire music catalog, brand name, and likeness to Pophouse, the creative powerhouse behind ABBA’s unforgettable hologram concerts. This strategic move sets the stage for an array of innovative projects, including a biopic, an avatar-driven show, and an immersive KISS-themed experience, all currently in the works under the collaborative guidance of Simmons, fellow KISS co-founder Paul Stanley, and the visionary team at Pophouse.

Simmons emphasized the revolutionary potential of KISS’s foray into avatar technology, declaring it as the future of the band. “These avatars transcend mere concerts; they’re a spectacle beyond imagination,” he shared with Rockast. “We’re entering uncharted territory, and while I’m eager to share more, there’s an air of secrecy for now.”

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Pophouse Entertainment Group, helmed by ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, is spearheading the creation of digital renditions of KISS. The tantalizing glimpse of this project was unveiled at KISS’s final show in New York in December 2023.

Reflecting on KISS’s embrace of modernity, Simmons underscored the inevitability of evolution. “Everything evolves,” he mused. “We adapt or risk obsolescence. Technology is the new frontier, and we refuse to be left behind. This isn’t just about survival; it’s about innovation and pride.”

While financial figures surrounding the Pophouse deal remain undisclosed, Simmons stressed that the decision wasn’t solely driven by monetary gain. “Life’s about enjoyment,” he asserted to People magazine. “We’re embracing change, much like nature does.”

In a conversation with TMZ, Simmons defended KISS’s pivot to AI-driven concerts, citing the irreversible march of technology. “We’re ushering in a new era,” he affirmed. “Our partnership with Pophouse signifies a paradigm shift, and we’re ready to astound audiences like never before.”

Stanley echoed Simmons’s sentiments, articulating the enduring ambition of KISS to captivate audiences across generations. “This isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a testament to our enduring legacy,” he declared. “With Pophouse, we’re not merely turning a page; we’re scripting an eternal saga of rock ‘n’ roll immortality.”

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