George Harrison Had Some Opinions About Elvis Presley’s 1972 Madison Square Garden Show

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Some might not know this but the silent George Harrison adored Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. Several reports that Elvis played a huge part in sparking Harrison’s passion for music. When they met, it was really exciting more than Harrison had thought.

However, it seems that their second meeting in the concert at Madison Square Garden back in 1972 was not much impressive for Harrison. Moreover, Harrison later said in an interview with Creem Magazine that although he enjoyed the concert, it was not anything elegant.

What George Harrison didn’t like about Elvis’ 1972 Madison Square Garden concert

George went to Elvis’ concert wearing a worn-out denim jacket and jeans. He was then taken to the dressing room where Elvis was and according to Harrison, Rock and Roll King looked “immaculate.” He further explained in the interview that he felt like a filthy little “slug in front of Lord Siva or something” like that.

He then explained that Elvis was looking glamorous in a white suit with a golden belt, dark hair, and a perfect tan. Harrison then said that he was cowering in front of Elvis like a rag­man.

Harrison had but one thing that he did not like about the concert. He told that he wanted to say to Elvis to come out in his jeans and black shirt. Furthermore, he also wanted Elvis to “­get rid of all them horrible women singers in your band, all them horrible trumpet players, and just have James Burton and the drummer and the bass player and the piano player.”

But Harrison did not get what he wanted as Elvis came out and sang with his band. Furthermore, in Elvis’ concert, several of the biggest music artists, including Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Art Garfunkel, attended in addition to Harrison.

The first time George Harrison met Elvis Presley

Harrison also opened up in the interview about the first time he met Elvis during The Beatles US tour in 1965 at his house in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Reports have it that John Lennon was disappointed by the evening when they met Elvis but Harrison really seemed to have enjoyed their meeting although he did not have much expectation because he knew that Elvis was a difficult person.

In the book George Harrison on George Harrison: Interviews and Encounters, it is written, “I didn’t expect him to be half as nice as he was, when we walked into his house it was exactly like going into ours. It was great — it was the record player, TV, and electric guitar, all playing all at once, you know.”

Harrison also revealed that Elvis was his childhood hero and that his love for music came after listening to his track “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Certainly, Harrison and Elvis were not close friends in fact, even after having a great time with The Fab Four, Elvis was known to have hostility toward them.

Both of these musical gems are not with us anymore, but their music lives on, as does their legacy, and they will always continue to shine.

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