The Beatles’ George Harrison Devastating Final Words

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George Harrison is one of the legendary musicians in the history of rock music. And certainly being a legendary musician, he was one of the members of the most influential band The Beatles. Certainly, Harrison contributed a lot to the music world, unfortunately, on November 29, 2001, Harrison died in Los Angeles, California, US.

Obviously, after someone dies everyone gets curious to know the reason for their death so similarly, after Harrison’s death, his fans wanted to know the cause of his death. While many were curious to know the death cause, others were busy searching to know what George Harrison’s last words were.

But did he say something before he died in the first place? yes, he did leave the last message or words according to his widow Olivia Harrison, so what were his last words? we will find this out in this piece, furthermore, we will also discuss briefly the reason behind Harrison’s death.

How did George Harrison die?

Harrison died due to lung cancer. In the late 1990s, Harrison was diagnosed with throat cancer and he was given radiotherapy. Eventually, Harrison got rid of cancer and was moving on with his life back on. However, his cancer returned and he got cancer in his lungs this time.

Harrison stated that he got cancer because of his smoking habit. In 2001, it was stated that Harrison had an operation to stop cancer from growing in his lungs. Later in November Harrison started going radiotherapy and at the time his cancer had already spread to his brain. And sadly on November 29, Harrison died at the age of 58 years old.

His funeral was held in California, and since he embraced Hinduism, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the river Ganges and Yamuna.

Many also believe that Harrison got lung cancer after he was attacked. A mentally challenged person attacked him with a knife and injured his lung and since his injury infected him, many believe that he got lung cancer or cancer returned because of the attack.

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George Harrison’s last words

According to the Express, Harrison’s wife stated that at his last moments he said, “Olivia, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.” How heartbreaking would it have been for her? Furthermore, he not only left a message to his wife but he also left a final message to every one of us or the world.

As per Billboard, Harrison would always say, “Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait and love one another.” Furthermore, Wikipedia has also mentioned that it was the final message George Harrison left for the world.

Olivia still loves his late husband and whenever she is in an interview she speaks about George. Moreover, she says that she is still in a relationship with her husband but just not physically. She believes that her prayer goes straight to Harrison as he loves him so deeply. And since she also seems to follow Hinduism, she believes that she will one day again reunite with her husband.

Not only Olivia but George is speaking and talking to millions of people around the world and yes you guessed it right, he is speaking to us through his music.

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