George Harrison’s Reaction Listening To Led Zeppelin For The First Time

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The rock scene was significantly altered by George Harrison. He was the first member of the group to investigate Eastern music, which enabled Western listeners to become familiar with Indian classical music.

Then Led Zeppelin took up the torch and reinvented music once more.

Most people experience an upward enthusiasm when they get to meet and praise the heroes in their lives.

It may have been the reaction of fans when George Harrison praised Led Zeppelin, a crossing that many people said would never take place in a million years.

Led Zeppelin was unlike anyone who had come before them when they initially entered the scene.

The Fab Four were all but separated by the time Led Zeppelin started to gain notoriety, so despite the band being the antithesis of The Beatles, there was never any bad blood or competition between the two acts.

While the Beatles were working on Let It Be in the studio, engineer Glyn Johns informed him of Jimmy Page’s new band.

Harrison initially didn’t seem to remember Page but then recognized that he had heard his name spoken in connection with the Yardbirds. He first showed no interest and merely asked when lunch would be served. Yet when he heard them, his attitude was different.

The conversation went like this:

“Glyn Johns: George, do you want to hear some of this Jimmy Page album?

George: Jimmy Page?

Glyn Johns: Yeah, he just produced a new album with his new group.

George: Is he the one that was in the Yardbirds?

Glyn Johns: Yeah.

George: I think. Is lunch ready?

Glyn Johns: It’s really unbelievable. Let me, unbelievable. Very psychedelic though. Don’t you like it?

George: Not that I mind psychedelic. But he is really, and it is such a good group. It’s so tight.

Glyn Johns: John Paul Jones on bass.

George: John Paul?

Glyn Johns: Jones. On bass. Don’t you know any of them? Jimmy used him in sessions.

George: No.

Glyn Johns: He’s like the governor. He’s very young, he’s about 24. The governor bass player. Really good. And a kid called John Bonham on drums who is unbelievable.

George: I think he was on a session with Paul last year with some other people.

Glyn Johns: Yeah? He comes from Birmingham.”

Harrison developed a close bond with Led Zeppelin after being enamored with the band. The other Beatles members also met the band, but Harrison spent the most time with them.

Even though it’s incredible to think that Led Zeppelin was once unknown to the globe, the biggest names in music heard them after their triumph and applauded their abilities even before they became well-known on a global scale. The Beatles icon did have a small issue with the music, though.

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