Ghost banned mobile phones and smart watches at US tour dates

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Ghost recently imposed a strict no-phone rule at their last two US tour performances.

The band’s summer tour, “Re-Imperatour USA 2023,” which spanned 28 dates, began in Concord, California, and concluded in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum on the 11th and 12th of September.

Artists such as Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, and Bob Dylan have previously adopted a similar stance. Ghost collaborated with Yondr, a tech company from San Francisco, to ensure a phone-free concert environment. Visitors had to lock their phones and smartwatches inside Yondr pouches, which remained with them throughout the event.

Dedicated areas were set up for emergencies where attendees could unlock and use their devices. Ghost emphasized the importance of this rule, stating that any device usage during the show would result in the offender’s removal. They believe this ensures a more immersive concert experience.

Furthermore, the Kia Forum allowed face paint but banned masks at these shows. While it’s not confirmed, the phone ban might hint at professional filming for future releases.

It’s worth noting that Bob Dylan, during his 2022 UK tour, expressed similar sentiments regarding phone-free concerts. He felt attendees were more engaged and present without their devices, though he made exceptions for medical necessities.

To top it off, Ghost’s recent performance at the Kia Forum unveiled their new song ‘Impera’ with eight skeleton dancers, and as expected, no phone recordings of the spectacle exist.

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