Glastonbury 2023: Watch Guns N’ Roses bring out Dave Grohl for ‘Paradise City’

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Guns N’ Roses invited Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl to the stage during their headlining performance at Glastonbury Festival to perform their popular song “Paradise City.”

Grohl, who has emerged as the major attraction of the festival thus far, opened for The Pretenders and Johnny Marr, played a secret concert with the Foo Fighters as “The Churnups,” and finished his Saturday night on the Pyramid stage by playing guitar on “Paradise City.”

Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash are part of the original Guns N’ Roses lineup, along with more recent additions. They perform between 21:30 and 23:45. The group performed a concert that covered their entire discography, including early hits from their 1987 first album Appetite for Destruction as well as subsequent works.

Although there weren’t as many people at the Pyramid platform as there have been for other groups at the festival thus far, Guns N’ Roses were enthusiastic, with Axl Rose appearing to bounce around the platform and encouraging the audience to participate more, which they promptly did.

Some people, including former member of Oasis Noel Gallagher, were perplexed by Glastonbury’s decision to schedule Guns N’ Roses for a headline performance. He called it “crazy shit” that the back was booked in the slot.

The former Oasis man told the Daily Star, “What I found out Guns N’ Roses are headlining Glastonbury, I thought, ‘What? Are you being serious? That’s crazy shit,’ When you think of all the huge British artists who’ve had albums out this past year, having Guns N’ Roses headlining the Saturday is mad.”

He added, “I would have been smart to play Glastonbury this year, but I played it last year because I’d been booked to do it in 2020, and everything got pushed back, There’s always next year to go back to Glastonbury – I’m not going anywhere.”

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