Grace Slick’s Regret About Jimi Hendrix

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Grace Slick had quite a rocking music career for four decades, she was really popular when she rose to fame after working with Jefferson Airplane. Furthermore, she was not only a musician but was also known for her paintings. Reports have it that Grace started painting to distract herself from tough times.

Little did she know that her paintings would be a very memorable and significant aspect of her life. Her paintings can be found on the covers of various albums and books including the album The Best of Hot Tuna. Furthermore, her paintings are not only limited to book covers, she has also painted portraits of several popular music artists including Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Pete Townsend, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, and several others.

Moreover, talking about Jimi she said that she has but one regret about Hendrix. As a music artist herself, she happened to meet Hendrix once, and remembering the time they met, she said that she really wishes things had been different when they first met.

What does Grace Slick regret about Jimi Hendrix?

Many might be well known with Slick’s drunken gig in Germany, well she went to the stage and nearly started a riot as she started attacking audiences. However, she did not stop there but also made fun of the country for its failure in WWII.

And you may think that if something Slick could undo from her past then she’d have surely undone her drunken gig, however, if you thought so then you have never been so wrong because Slick stated that although she didn’t have many regrets in her life well, not more than two. She said, “There aren’t too many regrets, because I did pretty much what I wanted to do.” And yes, her drunken gig was not on her list of regret.

Her regret was about Jimi Hendrix of course. Back in 2009, she was in an interview with Counterpunch where she talked about her portrait painting of Jimi Hendrix. She said that she did not know Hendrix well but she was thinking about him when she painted his portrait. Moreover, she continued saying that she met him once but for a very short time and later on she revealed that she regrets that she never slept or screwed Hendrix. Her second regret was not riding a horse. She said that these were just minor regrets and does not have any major or huge regrets in her life.

She said while talking about Hendrix, “I didn’t know Hendrix that well. I’ve always told young kids, ‘Go for it. Do everything. Because it’s a drag to sit around when you’re old and think, ‘Ah, gee, I never went to France.’ Go to France. Life is very short; you’ve got to pack it all in there. The things I wish I did do that I did not do, were screw Jimi Hendrix, and ride a horse.”

Not only did she say the things she regrets about but she also gave advice to all the youngsters to go and do the things they want to do before regretting not doing them.

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