Guns N’ Roses reveal title of new song

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Guns N’ Roses recently kicked off their highly anticipated 2023 tour in Abu Dhabi, with plans to continue in Europe, the UK, and North America. In the midst of their performances, the band gave fans a possible hint about their new music through a social media post.

After a show in the Netherlands, Guns N’ Roses’ official Instagram page shared a story featuring someone flipping through papers with words written on them. Fans quickly speculated that these words could be song titles for their upcoming songs. The titles “Perhaps” and “The General” stood out as potential new tracks.

These titles were the only new ones in the video, as the rest included the band’s previously released hits like “Mr. Brownstone,” “Civil War,” and “Hard Skool.”

Fans managed to capture the title “The General” from photos of the band’s recent setlist, although it was faint. Additionally, Guns N’ Roses played the unreleased song “Perhaps” during one of their soundchecks.

While the band members have yet to confirm the arrival of new music, this Instagram post fuels speculations that they have been working on new material during their 2023 world tour.

Rumors of new music began in June when Axl Rose and Slash visited a recording studio in Norway. The studio confirmed that the band members wanted to listen to their new mixes before their Glastonbury appearance, further fueling anticipation.

In conclusion, Guns N’ Roses has given fans a glimpse into their upcoming music through social media. With possible new song titles and hints of unreleased tracks, fans eagerly await the band’s future releases during their ongoing tour.

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