Heart’s Nancy And Ann Wilson Are Collaborating On New Music: ‘it’s Exciting And Inspiring’

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During an interview with Joe Rock from Long Island’s rock station 102.3 WBAB, Nancy Wilson shared some exciting news. She revealed that she is working on new music with her sister Ann Wilson, who is also a member of the band HEART. Nancy, who is currently touring with her new band NANCY WILSON’S HEART, talked about her ongoing recording projects, including “Tomboy,” where she covers songs written by her male friends.

Nancy expressed her enthusiasm for “Tomboy” and mentioned that she has been working on it the most. She explained that she loves the title because it has a similar vibe to “boy genius.” Additionally, she mentioned having a bunch of new ideas for songs and writing new music with Ann. Being on tour right now, Nancy plans to fully dive into these projects when she returns home. She mentioned having a new studio in her house, which adds to her excitement about creating music.

When asked if there’s something particularly exciting and different from her previous work, Nancy confirmed that her collaboration with Ann has brought some unique elements. She also mentioned working with Sue Ennis, who had previously collaborated with both Nancy and Ann on HEART’s music. Nancy Wilson shared that she has worked on lyrics with Sue and then brought them to Ann. She expressed her excitement about a couple of things they are working on that deviate from the style they had in the ’80s, leaning more towards their earlier sound from the late ’70s. Nancy finds this creative process to be fun, exciting, and inspiring.

Nancy further expressed her happiness about reconnecting with her sister through their music collaboration. She mentioned it being a rediscovery of their relationship and expressed her genuine joy about working together again.

Last year, Ann mentioned plans to celebrate HEART’s 50th anniversary in 2023. While she couldn’t reveal specific details at the time, she confirmed that they were formulating something for the occasion.

In the past, rumors of a feud between Ann and Nancy circulated, but Ann clarified in an interview that they were not feuding. She explained that they simply had different ideas about the direction of HEART and were yet to find a compromise. Ann acknowledged that there have been ups and downs in their relationship, including a well-publicized incident involving Ann’s husband during a HEART tour in 2016. However, she emphasized that they had worked through those issues and that the public perception of their relationship was not accurate.

An earlier proposed HEART tour fell through due to disagreements over the backing band. However, Ann expressed the possibility of a new HEART album, considering the significance of their 50th anniversary in 2023. She mentioned that the decision would depend on the songs and expressed her desire to make another HEART album.

Nancy discussed the reasons behind HEART’s inactivity in recent years, mentioning that Ann wasn’t interested in touring with Nancy’s lineup of musicians. Ann had her own preferred lineup, which Nancy wasn’t familiar with and didn’t feel a sense of loyalty towards.

HEART experienced a split during their 2016 tour due to a backstage altercation involving Ann’s husband and Nancy’s twin sons. After completing the tour, Nancy formed a new band called ROADCASE ROYALE, releasing an album titled “First Things First.” NANCY WILSON’S HEART, Nancy’s current band, consists of longtime collaborators Ryan Waters, Ben Smith, Andy Stoller, Dan Walker, and vocalist Kimberly Nichole.

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