Iggy Pop Explains How He Deals With Biggest Life Regrets

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Everyone in life has mistakes. When we become aware of our errors or the possibility that we could have handled a situation differently, it is normal to experience regret. Rock Legend Iggy also shared his regrets in life recently. Iggy provided insights that can help many of his fans when he spoke with Classic Rock about how he has coped with some of his biggest regrets in life.

Iggy Pop is a singer, composer, actor, and musician. Punk rock, hard rock, and other forms of rock music are thought to have been invented by him. His outrageous and unpredictable stage theatrics, which have included getting naked, are well-known. Iggy Pop has experienced many highs and lows in his existence. He has experienced everything, from his early years as The Stooges’ frontman to his five-decade solo work.

He is recognized for breaking down barriers and bringing fresh sensibilities to the musical world. He inspired a generation of musicians with his exuberant stage performances, which served to popularize punk rock. His work with the Stooges is acknowledged as having had a significant impact on punk. In spite of everything, he struggles with self-doubt and remorse.

While talking with Classic Rock recently, he revealed that he still has some regrets. He continued and said that he wouldn’t share the personal ones. However, he did reveal one of such moments from his life.

The musician advises checking one’s talent level and gameness in order to feel good about one’s life despite one’s regrets. Iggy claimed that rather than giving up or feeling down, he assesses his ability level and works to advance for the future.

In the interview, while he was asked if he has any regrets, Pop answered,

“Personal ones. I wouldn’t share them. Look, when there are times that things don’t go well enough, so you feel good about things, you have to say: ‘Let’s look at my skill level. Life is a great experience but also requires gamesmanship. You have to play, so let’s look at my skill level and try to improve it in the future instead of moping.’ That’s what I try to do; I see if I can try a little better all the time.”

Iggy Pop advises his followers to assess their ability levels in relation to the actions they regret first. Regret can either be a driving force that inspires us to take different actions or it can be a crippling feeling that keeps us from moving on. Although each person’s experience with remorse is different, it is crucial to accept it, take lessons from it, and move on.

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